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The Greek Air Taxi Network GATN consists of various types of small aircraft. The Single-engine Piston SEP airplanes which are operated and maintained under the strict supervision of European Aviation Safety Agency EASA are part of the GATN fleet.

These small aircraft can fit up to three passengers with limited luggage and provide excellent scheduled passenger service and charter for scenic and sightseeing flights as well as transportation within Greece and the neighbouring countries.

The operation of the small aircraft is usually limited to daylight and the airport operating hours have an impact on the time schedule. The GATN operations officers are constantly monitoring how the time schedules might affect our clients’ travel plans.

Our crew is familiar with the local weather conditions and are experienced operating in airports with small runways. In order to provide our customers with the best possible rate, we minimise the repositioning cost by strategically placing our fleet across Greece, in close proximity to the most popular Greek tourism destinations. During the low season our fleet is utilised for pilot training.

Whether you want to enjoy a sightseeing flight over one of the breathtaking Greek destinations or simply fly with the best possible price from Rhodes to Santorini, or experience an unforgettable flight from Heraklion to Mykonos, Kos to Heraklion, Syros to Mykonos or Athens to Syros and/or Mykonos, the choice is endless! All you have to do is request one of our Single-engine Piston SEP airplanes based at Sitia airport, Syros airport, Heraklion airport and even at the Athens International Airport.

“Have your camera ready, to capture the beauty of Greece from the sky!”

Don’t miss the chance to fly side by side the captain of the aircraft. Experience the landing and take off inside the cockpit, from the pilot’s viewpoint which is like no other!  Want to learn how to fly? This summer you can combine your holidays with your flight training in Greece. It is a once in a lifetime experience!

Tell us where and when you want to go and what you wish to see, and let our experts prepare your travel itinerary! Get instant real-time availability, price and aircraft details using the Smart Banner which is located on the main page of our website. In case you are having trouble using the Smart Banner, our Helpdesk service is available 24/7. You may also contact our wonderful travel advisors to receive a detailed quote on your desired travel route(s).

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Above Athens

Athens is not only the capital of Greece, but also the historical capital of Europe.


Crete is the largest island in Greece and the fifth largest one in the Mediterranean.

Rhodes Portfolio

Located at the crossroads of two significant sea routes of the Mediterranean, the Aegean Sea and the coast of the Middle East, Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands.


The extraordinary beauty of this island has converted it into one of the top tourism destinations worldwide.


Although Mykonos is one of the smallest islands of the Cyclades complex, it is definitely the most famous one, due to its natural beauty, rich history, cosmopolitan character combined with a wild nightlife, as well as plenty of local color.


Thessaloniki (also called Salonica), located in northern Greece, is the country’s second biggest city. With about a million inhabitants, it is considered Greece’s cultural capital, popular for its festivals, events and exciting cultural life and has recently been ranked by Lonely Planet as the fifth-best party city worldwide.


With a rich landscape varying from desolate rocks to hidden green valleys, alpine climbs and stunning beaches, Kos, the second largest island in the Dodecanese, is full of surprises.


Located in the Ionian sea and immortalized by its nickname ‘the flower of the east’ or ‘fiore di levante’, Zakynthos island has a lot to offer. Apart from its rich natural landscape and wildlife and its beautiful beaches and scenic coasts, Zakynthos is also an island with rich cultural and historical heritage.