Cessna 550 Citation II

Airplane details
  • Manufacturer Cessna
  • Model Cessna 550 Citation II
  • Type Jet
  • Category Midsize
  • Seating Capacity 8 Passengers + 2 Crew

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Cessna 550 Citation II Details

A fast, twin-engine jet, known for its ability to fly at 41,000 feet, offering an enjoyable flight to the passengers. Cessna 550 Citation IIS is a modification of Cessna’s best-ever selling business jet. It carries more and goes faster than its predecessor, while still maintaining its reputation for simplicity and economy.

The Citation range of aircraft manufactured by Cessna, have a spacious cabin with fully reclining seats for up to 8 passengers.

  • Cruise Speed N/A
  • Max Speed 647km/h or 348kt
  • Range 1.250 n.m.
  • Year 1982
  • Base Athens
  • Remarks N/A