Fly private when traveling with toddlers

The idea of traveling with children is perhaps the biggest single cause of stress for traveling parents. This is why many families chose to fly private when traveling with toddlers. Take a look at our list of why traveling via private jet is a great family travel option when the little ones are coming along for the ride.

You can bring all the comfort of home

Kids have stuff -- lots of it. That means that when you travel commercially you must be very selective Read more

Explore Jet-Set Rhodes: What’s Hot Now 

Rhodes, known as the Island of the Knights, is the largest of the Dodecanese islands and the ideal destination for travelers seeking an array of holiday experiences. Whether it is a beach escape, an action packed holiday or a honeymoon retreat, this unique destination offers excellent holiday facilities that feature a harmonious blend of cosmopolitan and traditional flair. For lovers of history and sightseeing, Rhodes is a place of numerous cultural and archaeological sites from the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes located in the Old City, to the greatest attractions such as the restored Palace of Read more

Luxurious helicopter interiors 

The most luxurious helicopter interiors are designed to impress. In some cases, flying via private jet may be over your price range. In that case, the next best alternative to flying private and in style is a helicopter. Take a look at our selection of some of the best helicopter interiors that keep luxury in mind.

Augusta Westland AW101 VVIP

The Augusta Westland AW101 VVIP combines the most advanced technologies, manufacturing expertise and aircraft design. This helicopter has both military and civil applications. It features the largest cabin in its class that resembles one of a private jet and can transport up to 30 passengers. Its top speed is 192 mph, and the range is an impressive 863 miles. Augusta Westland AW101 VVIP leading features include: high levels of safety, reliability and availability, extensive range of interior furnishings and systems, exceptional levels of cabin comfort; low noise and vibration with air conditioning, just to name a few.


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Explore Jet-Set Zante: What’s Hot Now

Zakynthos, or Zante in Italian, is a beautiful Ionian island off the west coast of Greece.  Zante is a holiday destination that is so diverse it can cater to visitors looking for wild summer nightlife and those that prefer to experience the quiet, natural side to the Greek islands. Travel by private jet to Zante to start of an amazing experience complete with natural wonders, exciting nightlife and luxury accommodation.

What to Do


Navagio or the Shipwreck Beach can only be reached by boat and is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. There, a rusty shipwreck sits on a spectacular white rocky beach that contrasts against an intensely turquoise sea – all set against a background of dramatically steep rocky cliffs.  Also on the west coast you’ll find the fiords of Porto Limniona and Porto Roxa, Porto Vromi bay with its little island just in front.


You can spend days exploring the rest of the beaches on the island.   The east coast of Zante has a variety of beaches lining its coast.   Sandy beaches can be found in Tsilivi, Alykes and Amboula. To the north there are more rocky landscapes that are equally as picturesque including Xigia Beach and Makris Gialos.

The southern part of Zante runs from Limni Keri beach to Gerakas. That’s where the endangered loggerhead turtles nest, so there are some restrictions on swimming hours at various times of the year. The Marine Park of Zante oversees the area. The rest of south features long sandy beaches. You can boat to the small island of Marathonissi where several beautiful beaches await or explore and swim in the caves of Marathia Cape.Read more

Jet-Set Weekend Travel Bag Tips

Taking the private jet to escape for a weekend in Mykonos, Monaco or Ibiza? Having the perfect weekend travel bag is part of your style. Who wants to pull around a big suitcase or look like a teen with a frumpy backpack?  There are travel options that are sophisticated yet practical for private jet and helicopter travel. Consider our jet-set travel bag tips to find the perfect weekender luggage right for you.

Pack Easy. Pack with Style.

An average weekend away typically means packing for two or three changes of clothes.  You may want to have your laptop and iPad in that bag, too.  For men, a suit bag may be in order.  For ladies, a great cocktail dress needs its place in a great weekend bag.  We love designs by Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Tumi, Burberry and more.  Opt for great designs that keep everything safe, pressed and dry.Read more

Explore Jet-Set Mykonos: What’s Hot Right Now

Travel by private jet to Mykonos and you’re traveling right. The Greek island is recognized as one of Europe’s hottest jet-set playgrounds. Every summer, international celebrities, designers and models make Mykonos their meeting point to experience yet another magical holiday in the heart of the Aegean Sea. Whether Mykonos is on your must-visit list of places for this summer, or you are still considering where to enjoy your stylish weekend getaway, we have compiled a list of new entries waiting to be discovered, even if you just fly-in for a day or two.Read more

Summer Empty Legs in Greece

It’s summer in Greece. One way to conveniently get to all of those picturesque islands is via empty legs in Greece.

Empty legs allow you to fly privately and affordably.  Like anywhere in the world, empty legs in Greece are available at discounted prices when a private aircraft would otherwise be empty. An empty leg is an empty private jet seat.

Why does this happen?  Well, private flying is a bespoke and often luxury service. There will be instances when the aircraft’s operator cannot book all the seats on a flight.  It can be a challenge to find a full-price client that happens to want to fly on a particular private aircraft, to a certain destination and during a certain time.  Since the plane is set to take off anyway, the empty seats can be offered for a big discount instead. If you can find them, then you got a deal!

No matter how it’s done, offering empty private jet seats to those who would love to take that flight is a win-win situation. Empty leg flights can be available at up to 75 percent discount on the usual charter price. Always, the exact price is contingent on the route and the operator.

Where Do I Find Empty Legs in Greece?

In Greece, Greek Air Taxi Network (GATN) which is run by Air Business International (ABI) offers empty leg flights on privately chartered jets and helicopters.  With a well-connected network of available private charter aircraft, GATN can offer the most competitive empty legs in the Greek and Mediterranean market. ABI and GATN both list all empty legs available throughout Greece and the Greek islands on its homepage. You can also opt to use each company’s Smart Banner tool which finds the flight that suits your travel needs.

Where Can I Fly in the Summer?

Whether it is summer or winter in Greece, empty legs are available and accessible through the right portals. If you are a flexible traveler they are proven cost-effective means of experiencing and accessing private jet travel.  Sometimes you can combine an empty leg with airline flights. Empty legs can be worked into a private charter schedule as well.


If you are traveling in Greece there are so many places to “hop” to via private jet or helicopter that will be worth your time, money and will pay you back with incredible holiday experiences. For example, you can easily island hop across the Cycladic or Ionian islands. Private air travel is also very convenient for those that want to see an island for a day and don’t want to waste any time traveling by other means. Ferries can take many hours. Waiting for flights, especially when there may be only one a day to your island of choice, can be extremely time consuming considering the total commute, including airport transfers.  A private flight means no service or baggage lines, excellent service and drop-off and pick-up in the most convenient spots to see the destination of your choice right away. Your vacation time is precious so it is important you don’t waste a minute of it!

With private charters, going international is easier than ever. If you are planning to jet-set to Mykonos and want to take off to other glamorous island destinations like Ibiza or San Tropez, the GATN  is experienced to get you on the right flights with the best service.

Three Islands: Greek Pilgrimage Destinations to visit in August

August is one of the most significant religious months in Greece, when on the 15th of the month, during the religious celebration known as the Virgin Mary’s Assumption, Greek pilgrimage destinations across the country receive thousands of worshippers from all corners of the world. This special occasion has been referred to as “ the summer Easter” to highlight the importance of the celebration, and this is the day that marks the Dormition of Virgin Mary.

The importance of Greek Pilgrimage Destinations 

Since ancient Greece, Greek pilgrimage destinations were frequented every year by the population.  To this day, they are special places to reflect, pray and honour religion. Greece has evolved over the millennia, but pilgrimages remain a part of life.  Today, Greek Orthodox festivals take place year round in some of the most beautiful Greek mainland and island destinations.

We have picked three authentic island destinations that will let you discovered a unique, alternative and religious side of Greece.


Amorgos is a special destination one can experience from the sky. Located in the easternmost island of the Greek Cyclades, it is known for its unique monastery – a masterpiece built high in its cliffs. The monastery of Panagia Xozoviotissa with it’s bright, white exterior contrasts beautifully with the surrounding mountain cliffs and the blue of the Aegean Sea. This whitewashed wonder is vertically tucked into the ragged walls of the Profitis Ilias, 300 meters above sea level. The monastery is a highly visited destination during the August celebration in honour of the Virgin Mary.


Folegandros is a small island close to Santorini and although it is located next to the most visited Cycladic islands, it has managed to remain a secluded destination. Folegandros does not have an airport and the only way to reach the island is by a helicopter or a boat. A helicopter tour opens up breathtaking views from above of its sheltered beaches, its rocky landscape and the streets of its picturesque whitewashed main village.

Church of Panagia Folegandros

A small church of Panagia rises above the highest point of the island’s landscape, a unique site that can be reached by a white painted path. The church hosts numerous religious festivities during the month of August.


Sifnos is an island with more than 200 churches, dedicated to Virgin Mary.  These whitewashed churches are spread across the island’s landscape and dot its seaside villages.


The Church of the Seven Martyrs, is a small whitewashed and blue-domed church which stands on its own tiny islet out in the expanse of the blue sea.  It is considered to be the most photographed of the island and an aerial view is even more breathtaking.  Another impressive site that is guaranteed to awe is the Church of Panagia Kitriani, the oldest ecclesiastic monument dating back to the 11th century, that stands alone on a small uninhabited island.

Are you ready to expand your horizons and visit the next top Greek destinations?

One more A109K2 joined the Greek Air Taxi Network

The helicopter recently refurbished can accommodate up to 6 passengers in comfort. the new interior allows flexibility and the helicopter can be configured in a way that can accommodate bulgy luggage, pet cages and within ten minutes can be converted for medical issues. Prices are available through our new platform at and more photos and specs click here