Leonardo A109 AII

Helicopter details
  • Manufacturer Leonardo Agusta
  • Model Leonardo A109 AII
  • Type Light Twin
  • Category Helicopter
  • Seating Capacity 1 pilot +4 passengers

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Leonardo A109 AII Details


Due to its Italian origin, the Leonardo A109A II which was formally named Agusta A109A II, it  combines robust construction with elegance both on the outside as well as the interior. Besides its modern streamlined built, the A109 AII cabin offers a spacious and rich environment with such details as leather seats, air-condition and is soundproofed against outside noise.

In addition to its elegance, the Agusta A109 is one of the fastest commercial helicopters in Greece. Its two engines and two separate flight control hydraulic systems guarantee the highest level of safety for your flight.


  • Cruise Speed N/A
  • Max Speed 140 knots
  • Range 380nm
  • Year 2011
  • Base Athens - Operating from General Aviation Terminal near to Int. Athens Airport
  • Remarks Convertible to medical