Leonardo A109K2 – Medical

Helicopter details
  • Manufacturer Leonardo Agusta
  • Model Leonardo A109K2
  • Type Light Twin
  • Category Helicopter
  • Seating Capacity 7

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Leonardo A109K2 – Medical Details

The AW109 is a lightweight twin-engine helicopter, known for its speed, elegant appearance, and ease of control. Since entering commercial service, several revisions and iterations have been made, frequently introducing new avionics and engine technologies. AgustaWestland has promoted the type for its multirole capabilities and serviceability. The type has proven highly popular with VIP/corporate customers; according to AgustaWestland, 50% of all of the AW109 Power variant had been sold in such configurations. Other roles for the AW109 have included emergency medical services, law enforcement, homeland security missions, harbor pilot shuttle duty, search and rescue, maritime operations, and military uses. In 2008, AgustaWestland claimed the AW109 to be “one of the industry’s best-selling helicopters”

These helicopters were initially designed to operate at high altitudes at adverse weather as SAR at the mountain line of the Alps. With a combined power of more than 1,500 BHP from two Safran Helicopter engines Arriel 1K1, bearing the weight of a maximum of 2,850 kg they can perform in full load with one engine up to 16,000 ft of altitude (Apr. 4,100 meters). Specially SX-HMY has been modified by the manufacturer to Full HEMS/SAR capabilities with all the needed equipment info structure. It can be modified from VIP to HEMS/SAR configuration in 18 minutes. The flexible and reliable helicopter Agusta 109 is ideal for a comfortable and safe flight. The low noise and the vibration levels ensure a quiet and safe MEDEVAC

  • Cruise Speed 130 kts
  • Max Speed 154 kts
  • Range 503 nm
  • Year 1997
  • Base Athens - Operating from General Aviation Terminal near to Int. Athens Airport
  • Remarks N/A