Airbus H-135

Helicopter details
  • Manufacturer Airbus Helicopter
  • Model Airbus H-135
  • Type Light Twin
  • Category Helicopter
  • Seating Capacity 1 pilot + 6 passengers

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Airbus H-135 Details

The Airbus H-135 was formally named as Eurocopter 135 ( EC-135) or Aerostar in the USA on Twin Squirrel in Europe. It is well recognized for its high performance and outstanding manoeuvrability and it is one o the quietest helicopters in it’s class. It carries up to six passengers in comfort. one up front beside the pilot for the ultimate flying experience, and five in the beautifully crafted leather cabin behind. Physical comfort isn’t the only luxury however; low noise and vibration levels ensure the quietest flight possible, making the Airbus H-135 the ideal helicopter to hire for business trips where the meeting can continue in flight,for a cosseted and relaxing treat.

  • Cruise Speed 254 km/h
  • Max Speed 287 km/h
  • Range 635 km
  • Year 2008
  • Base Mykonos based from June 2019
  • Remarks Air conditioned, Largest cargo bay in class