Day trips with small airplanes from Athens to Santorini

How would you feel witnessing the majesty of Santorini island from the skies? Well, you simply have to board one of our small airplanes and discover it on your own!

Unveil the beauty of the worldwide renowned island of Santorini in just one day…Our fleet of small airplanes based in Athens International airport is at your entire disposal for a daily trip in Santorini. A flight from Athens to Santorini with a private airplane lasts just 45 minutes, compared to the 9 hours ferry trip from the port of Piraeus. If you are, therefore, visiting Athens and you are looking for a city break, you have very limited time or you wish to indulge yourself in privacy and luxury, you can now charter a small private airplane and have it at your disposal for the entire day! Fly from Athens to Santorini and enjoy the breathtaking views over the volcano and the caldera in a way you could never imagine! No schedule restrictions, no crowds, just you and your beloved ones on your plane with your pilot!

Being the last of the Cyclades islands to the South, Santorini is the remnant of a colossal volcanic blast about 1450 BC that wiped out an artistic civilization. Considered to be connected with the mythical Atlantis, the unique caldera, the energy and the beauty of the island are the most important reasons for being ranked as one of the top islands in Europe and one of the once in the lifetime must see destinations of the world. Couples have been known to visit Santorini with the sole aim of getting married there and spending their honeymoon drooling over the prettiest sunset in the world.

Santorini is also an ideal destination for food and wine lovers. Although small in size, Santorini has already made a big name in gastronomy and is considered to be a gastronomical destination with some of the finest restaurants and wineries in the country. Agricultural products such as tomatoes, split peas and capers are already known and sought after, while variations of traditional recipes and unusual combinations will satisfy even the most pretentious customers. The wines of Santorini enjoy a growing worldwide recognition, while, of course, its fans are increasing.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the utmost of your daily tour in Santorini. The crescent-shaped island offers sensational blazing sunsets, visits to the archeological ruins in Akrotiri, also known as the Greek Pompeii, to the beautiful whitewashed villages and the unique volcanic beaches.  The sight of Santorini’s flooded caldera, a volcanic crater that sits in the depths of Aegean, can be perfectly viewed from the cliff-top towns of Fira and Oia.  The vantage point from these whitewashed villages, at 1,100 feet high, is simply spectacular.  There, beautiful and traditional cave hotels have been built into the landscape and spectacular views are guaranteed from the many restaurants, bars and cafes built there. Enjoy a walk alongside the caldera or your lunch in one of the cliff-top restaurants. Relax in one of the 5star spa resorts of the island, while savoring the unique volcano views! If you love water sports and adventures, you can even go scuba diving, sea kayaking or sailing inside the caldera! Our operational partner, Trails Beyond, is at your disposal for any activities or things you can experience in Santorini.

Take advantage of our local expertise and let us design just for you the ideal daily trip to Santorini.

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Prices for private airplane day trips Athens – Santorini – Athens

Airplane type Flight Duration Price for day trip
Socata TB (2 persons) 0:50 1.500€
Piper Chieftain (8 persons) 0:40 3.600€