Cessna 550 Citation Bravo

Airplane details
  • Manufacturer Cessna
  • Model Cessna C550 Citation Bravo
  • Type Small Jet
  • Category N/A
  • Seating Capacity 2 Crew / 7 Passengers

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Cessna 550 Citation Bravo Details

A top of the range Aircraft supported by experienced pilots, qualified ground personnel and state of the art maintenance facilities offer an unforgettable way of travel.

The Cessna Citation 550 Bravo features two powerful Pratt & Whitney 530A turbofans and new main landing gear which will make taxiing over uneven pavement and landings extremely smooth.

One of the features that set the Citation Bravo apart from the competition is its comfort. The cabin is designed to be very quiet and is equipped with pedestal-mounted swivel chairs, seats up to seven passengers, has a hot and cold beverage area as well as a mini-bar. Externally, the aircraft has a spacious baggage compartment.

Amenities: Satellite Phone, 110V Outlets, Air Condition, Ice Bin, Leather Seats, Air Show

  • Cruise Speed 350 kts
  • Max Speed 370 knots
  • Range 1,998 nmi (2,300 mi, 3,701 km)
  • Year 2000
  • Base N/A
  • Remarks N/A