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First of all,‭ ‬we would like to assure you that,‭ ‬despite the various measures and daily updated restrictions on travel by local governments,‭ ‬we are still able to continue most of our operations.‭ ‬In the last fortnight we have seen a significant rise in the demand for business aviation flights,‭ ‬not only within Europe but around the globe.‭ ‬We are very humbled and proud to say we have set-up several of these repatriation operations,‭ ‬bringing numerous passengers back home to their loved-ones.

To achieve this,‭ ‬we always work closely together with our very professional and experienced Operations department,‭ ‬who are in touch with local authorities worldwide.‭ ‬It is thanks to their efforts and perseverance that authorities grant us the permission to be exempted from various restrictions,‭ ‬which allows us to keep flying where most airlines are forced to temporarily close-down routes.‭ ‬It is too thanks to their work that flights to China are slowly becoming possible to operate again,‭ ‬as rules and regulations for business aviation are starting to weaken down.