Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Charter?

Charter flights offer the convenience, privacy and flexibility that simply cannot be matched by commercial airlines.

Charter air travel is the economical and efficient solution for business, leisure or emergency travel.   You may be a corporate travel planner trying to get eight executives from Rome to Athens with as little downtime as possible. You may be in the health field trying to find a way to lift a critically ill patient from one hospital to another. You may just be on vacation searching for the most convenient, comfortable and fastest way to travel with your family from Athens to Crete. Whatever your priorities may be at any time, choose charter flights to organize your trip around your needs and timetable.


Catering is an amenity included on charter flights that last more than an hour.  Better-equipped and larger jets can also accommodate on-board cooking. However, aircraft with less than 10-seat capacity are not equipped to handle cooking services.

With advance notice and coordination, catering services may be available ranging from drinks and pretzels to coffee and doughnuts and more.  While you “own” the aircraft you can request something special.


Tip: An operator or broker can help you to coordinate with a quality in-flight caterer
Please bear in mind that bringing food on a plane has its health risks.  Several hours may elapse between food preparation, transportation to the aircraft and reheating. That means certain meals are can spoil and endanger the health of both passengers and crew. If you do plan to pick up food from your favorite restaurant, let the restaurant know that you won’t be eating the food right away so the chef can plan and package your meal appropriately.

An operator or broker can help you to coordinate with a quality in-flight caterer. Catering services provide quality meals. Make sure that they are aware of any dietary restrictions.

Savvy in-flight caterers often provide services of event planning. Whether you are taking a special trip for business or pleasure, you can ask about ideas to make your in-flight experience part of the destination festivities. Birthday cakes, special meals and decorations can all be ordered ahead of time to be ready for your trip. With some creative planning, your special celebration doesn’t have to begin when you reach your destination, but as soon as you step on board your charter flight.

Recommended charter flight catering services: Air Chef and Canonica


Ground Transportation

If you’re flying into an unfamiliar or new airport give some thought to arranging your ground transportation in advance.   Use the phone on the aircraft to coordinate a timely pick-up at the airport to save you time. Taxi and car services may not be available when you land. Arranging ground transportation in advance avoids any stress and hassle.

Tip: If you’re traveling as a group, a limo is a luxurious way to get around.

At major metropolitan airports, national car rental companies provide shuttle services between general aviation terminals and the main car rental facility. Many times your fixed base operator will have cars brought to the terminal. To ensure availability, make your request in advance.

Limousines are another option for your ground transport needs.  They are a luxurious way to get around especially when it comes to group travel. Limos often prove to be a great choice for a group to travel together in one vehicle.  Traveling solo but still prefer to ride in style?  Book a limousine in advance.


Pricing and Payment

When considering the value of your charter flight you must consider a few questions.  How many passengers are going? How does the total cost compare to other forms of travel? What are the savings in time, lodging, ground transportation and possible business opportunities? Charter flights offer rapid transportation with unparalleled convenience and service. When you must make it to a destination on-time, on your time schedule or if you are in a rush, charter flights are worth every penny.

Charter flights offer rapid transportation with unparalleled convenience and service. 

Aircraft are usually chartered by the hour.  Rates vary according to many factors. Hourly rates are figured out based on the time an aircraft is actually in the air. A strong tailwind would lower the cost. Air traffic delays, holding patterns and en-route deviations will increase the cost. Some operators and brokers will charge based on a fixed quotation and will not change that rate regardless of the actual flight time. It is important that you are aware of which method your air charter professional will be using to quote and invoice your flight.

Many operators try to make their pricing more appealing by charging on a distance basis against actual trip length. Some will qualify this length by charging for trip length as it is extended by expected deviations. However, there is no way for a passenger to check this distance so it becomes an inaccurate form of pricing. The unit (i.e. mileage) cannot be measured.

Most unit pricing charges, whether hourly or distance based, relate to an operator’s actual hourly expenses. These expenses include aircraft lease, fuel, maintenance, crew wages and profit margin. Prices guaranteed in advance are like any other lump sum agreement. It is a bet on the vendor’s behalf that he can do the job within the sum quoted and still make a profit. To the extent that the market will bear, a prudent operator will charge extra to give himself some margin. However, if you are willing to share the bet and accept his unit price terms, you may share the savings if the trip is quicker than expected or you may pay more if the trip is longer.