Terms and conditions




  1. Company Profile

Greek Air Taxi Network (GATN) is perhaps the longest standing company in the Greek aviation field, specializing in Business Aviation, luxury tourist services and aircraft leasing, chartering and brokering. With an experience of more than thirty (30) years and an unsurpassed know-how, GATN is in a position to listen to and estimate immediately the customer’s transportation needs, offer a range of all possible options and solutions, search the market for the more suitable ones and finally come up with a package of services on both air and ground guaranteed to meet the demands of the business or leisure traveler.

GATN’s main concern is safety first, but also care free travel. In the core of GATN’s corporate culture lies the notion that the traveler should travel with only his business or pleasure in mind – all the rest is something for GATN to take care of.


  1. Procedure

Customers are encouraged to visit GATN site and find all necessary information on the company, on flights and aircraft, on how  to book a flight or request a quotation, by filling  a specific online form. If they so wish, customers may also contact GATN help desk at any time of day or night and ask for a specific quotation, depending on where they need to go, how and when. An experienced GATN associate will then consult with them and come up with the appropriate means of transportation, i.e., aeroplane or helicopter, at the best available price.

All contacts and transactions with GATN, from the initial request for information to the final flight booking and payment can be effected online. Links guide the customers effectively to absolutely safe and user friendly environments within the GATN site. Forms are filled and signed electronically, confirmation is received immediately, boarding passes or any other necessary documents may be printed on line.

Final quotations are really and actually final and all inclusive, with no fine print hidden underneath or between the lines.  Prices include flight cost, all kinds of VAT or airport taxes, handling fees, full insurance coverage, according to European Union Regulation 785/2004 etc. Quotations may be given by phone also, but they will immediately be confirmed in writing, by e-mail or fax.

Customers are expected to confirm their acceptance also in writing, by filling and signing the electronic form provided and by transferring their payment by wire transfer or credit card. No flights can be booked or depart unless full payment has been received.

Helicopter flights may be booked as late as (3) three hours before a requested departure. Aeroplanes may be booked as late as two (2) hours before a requested departure. Bookings are accepted as early as six (six) months before a requested departure. Please, bear in mind, though, that in peak periods a booking should ideally be made one or two days in advance.

Pets are accepted on board any flight booked through GATN provided they are transported in a special box or cage.

GATN guarantees the safety of all electronic communications and transactions. All customers’ personal data, credit card numbers etc. are considered absolutely confidential and they are handled with discretion by GATN’s authorized personnel.


  1. Aircraft and flight personnel

GATN guarantees that all aircraft and flight crews involved are duly certified for the flights and routes booked.


  1. Passengers’ identification and security control

All passengers are subject to ID and security control, prior to boarding the aircraft. Control may be effected by either the airport personnel or the Ground Handler’s personnel. In special cases, such as helicopters departing from private heliports, ID and security control may be effected by the flight crew.

The Operator and/or the Captain reserve the right to scan the passengers and/or their luggage by the use of a metal detector.

The Operator and/or the Captain reserve the right to deny boarding to any passenger refusing to present proper identification and travel documents or accept the usual security controls.

Please bear in mind that all the usual restrictions as to what may be carried on board apply to flights booked through GATN. Banned or restricted items include weapons, knives, scissors, gels and liquids in large quantities etc. In case of doubt, customers are encouraged to consult with the GATN help desk and find out precisely what they are permitted to carry either on their person or in their luggage.


  1. Quotations, prices and bookings

Quotations, prices and bookings refer to specific aircraft, specific flights and specific itineraries on specific dates and times.

Quotations for aircraft leasing usually refer to one way trips. Customers should clarify whether they are interested in booking a return trip and be prepared to acknowledge the cost of aircraft and crew waiting time and/or hotel accommodation for the crew, if it is deemed necessary.

In case of less flight or aircraft waiting time than initially estimated, no refunds are made.

Other itinerary changes, such as more flight and aircraft waiting time, passengers missing scheduled boarding time or change of destination during flight, are subject to aircraft and crew availability and additional charges. Payment of additional charges is expected to be made before the continuation of the flight.

In case of passenger non-show for a confirmed flight no refunds are made. In such cases, a new booking will be required through the GATN site or help desk.


  1. Cancellation policy

Full refunds may be expected only if cancellation takes place at least forty eight (48) hours before scheduled departure time. However, depending on the case, some administrative charges may apply.

Cancellation in less than forty eight (48) hours before scheduled departure time brings on absolutely no refund.

In case the aircraft Operator cancels the flight a full refund may be expected with absolutely no charges applied. Depending on specific case circumstances, European Union rules for flight cancellation may also apply.

In case of flight cancellation due to force majeure, such as weather conditions or aircraft technical problems, a full refund will be made unless the customer wishes that the flight be rescheduled.


  1. Extra charges

Customers are encouraged to ask the GATN help desk by phone or e-mail about all possible extra charges, such as aircraft waiting, overnight charges, additional flight crew, VIP service, particular meal requirements etc.


  1. Luggage weight and dimensions limitations

Depending on the kind and size of aircraft, there may be specific luggage weight and dimensions limitations. Such limitations are of course a main concern in the case of helicopter flights.

Customers are expected to give GATN full details of their luggage and then strictly follow the guidelines communicated to them.

Oversize luggage are more often than not excluded of helicopter flights. In case luggage weight and size require a larger aircraft, extra charges will be applied.


  1. Aircraft changes

As a rule, Operators reserve the right to change aircraft.

Indeed, sometimes Operators need to change the aircraft booked for a specific flight. If an Operator wishes or has to operate a scheduled flight with an aircraft larger than the one initially booked, there’ s no extra charge for the customer and no refund either. GATN ensures, though, that the customer will be notified in advance about any such change.

On the other hand, if an Operator has to operate a flight with an aircraft actually smaller than the one initially booked, the customer is entitled to a refund reflecting the price difference between the two aircraft. Such a downgrade is absolutely subject to prior customer approval. GATN ensures that the customer will be notified accordingly and guarantees that if the downgrade is not acceptable to him or her a full refund will be received and no extra charges will be applied.


  1. Customers and aircraft delays

Customers and passengers are expected to be at the designated point of departure at least 20 minutes prior to the Estimated Time of Departure (ETD). In case of a passenger delay that will affect the helicopter flight schedule, GATN and/or the Operator will make every possible effort to secure a new time slot and eventually perform the flight. If the flight cannot be operated on the same day, alternate dates will be offered. If the customer cannot accept the alternate schedules and/or dates, flight is supposed to be cancelled at the customer’s request and 80% cancellation charge is applied. On the other hand, in case alternate schedules and/or dates are acceptable, extra charges may occur and be applied.

In case a flight is delayed for technical or other reasons, GATN ensures that the customer will be offered an alternate solution, such as an aircraft upgrade or downgrade, that will be acceptable to him or her and based on the terms described in the previous paragraph. The customer has the right to refuse the alternate solutions and receive a full refund. If the customer accepts the alternate solutions, no refund should be expected apart from the price difference refund provided in the case of aircraft downgrade. However, GATN ensures that in all cases of flight delays, for which the Operator is responsible, the customer and passengers will receive adequate compensation in terms of upgraded services, catering etc.