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Our Air Taxi Network
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Mainland, the islands
and the neighboring
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Greek fleet
at your
An empty leg
(sometimes called one-ways),
by definition, is a ferry flight.
When the operator needs to move
the aircraft from point A to B
without having
passengers on board.
a new
way to fly
Private transportation,
villa for vacation or
a yacht to travel
all over greek islands.
We got you covered
the new
luxury golf
A well informed
passenger is a
happy passenger
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Empty legs

Not on a strict schedule. Book an empty leg and fly in luxury to your destination but with a cheaper price.

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Pay by the seat not by the helicopter

Empty seats on shared jet and shared helicopter flights with prices far below the full charter prices.

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Helicopter sightseeing tours

Book your empty seat on a helicopter sightseeing ride on top of your favorite greek destinations.

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EMPTY LEGS Fly now to your favorite destination
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enjoy your flight.
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Popular destinations

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Steeped in ancient history, Athens is dotted with the fantastic ruins of ancient temples and archeological sites. For more than 2,500 years, a European metropolis has grown around its most significant and eternal landmark, the Acropolis.

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Since the 1950s, Mykonos has successfully built itself as Greece’s glamorous jet-set destination. Its natural beauty, cosmopolitan character and incredible nightlife options have earned it as one of the “must-see” islands in the world.

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Crescent-shaped Santorini is one of Greece’s most popular islands with good reason. It is famous for its sensational blazing sunsets, the archeological ruins called Akrotiri or the Greek Pompeii, beautiful whitewashed villages and unique volcanic

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Crete is the largest island in Greece and a fantastic destination steeped in ancient art and architecture. The island’s Minoan Civilization, one of the most brilliant in the world’s history, flourished almost 5000 years ago.

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Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands boasting incredible turquoise beaches, wooded valleys and ancient history. The island has been settled by various civilizations throughout time which is apparent in its architecture

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Kos, located in the southeastern Aegean Sea, is a diverse landscape of mountains, valleys and beaches ranking it one of the most popular Dodecanese islands to visit. The island boasts small, lovely villages, medieval settlements and ancient ruins.

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Our Air Taxi Net work covers the Greek Mainland, the islands and the neighboring countries Must see Places Explore Santorini Costa
Cappadocia Turkey Cyclades Messinia
Can you think of a better way to explore Greece than from a helicopter? Wherever you are in Greece, you can use our helicopters and enjoy a memorable flight over Greece. Keep your cameras on hand, as every picture will remind you of a card postal! Secret Getaways Explore Milos Meteora Kos Dodekanisa Cyclades Kalambaka Greece is full of historic and ancient monuments, museums, beaches, nightlife and fantastic Greek restaurants that all combine to create a getaway package of experiences that it the ideal European city to discover Rich with History Explore Thessaloniki Crete Athens Greece Greece Greece GATN Book a Flight about Unique Destinations contact 0{{current_slide_index}} / 0{{total_slide_count}}
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George Kaglis
George Kaglis
I rely on your excellent service for all my business and personal travel. Your luxurious private jets are always immaculate and your team is professional, friendly, and goes above and beyond to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience. Booking flights is a breeze with your online platform. I highly recommend and Greek Air Taxi Network for private jet services in Greece. Thank you for making my travels stress-free and enjoyable.
XU Hong
XU Hong
真诚地感谢Greek Air Taxi提供靠谱的私人服务。我们已经多次采购您的服务,说实在的,我一直对您提供的关心和专业水平印象深刻,解决了我们很多的麻烦。 整个预定过程简单明了,实际的体验非常完美,你们对细节的把控程度让我们感到很温馨也很感动,的确是与众不同。硬件方面就不用多费笔墨,很牛。旅途中的舒适度和安全度我必须强调,很棒! 我们已经将贵公司的豪华私人飞机服务推荐给同行和朋友,期待你们在未来越做越好,生意兴隆。
Angela Tsepas
Angela Tsepas
I have been using Greek Air taxi network for personal and business trips and they are a partner I trust and feel safe to travel with. Always on time and attentive to details of service.
Amazing servise mister Doulis is the best frist class servise
Αλεξία Κολοβού
Αλεξία Κολοβού
Out of personal experience I am in a position to confirm that the Greek Air Taxi Network proves itself to be a valuable and most reliable partner of those who either wish or must for emergency reasons to book an air taxi. An experienced staff has access to a large variety of helicopters and aero planes and is 24/7 ready to respond and propose the aircraft that suits most the customers needs and wallet.
David Qualley
David Qualley
The VIP ground transfer included a chauffeur and luxury car to meet me at the airport. The meet and assist staff at the airport were incredibly attentive and helpful. They made sure I had all of the documents I needed and were able to quickly help me with any questions I had. The flight tracking services helped me know when the helicopter was on its way and gave my friends peace of mind that I was safe and on-time for my arrival. The 135 Aherionics helicopter was extremely well-equipped and comfortable. The pilots and ground personnel were professional and courteous, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Finally, the preflight video briefing was particularly helpful in ensuring everyone's safety during the flight. Overall, the meet and assist, flight tracking, and safety protocols all worked together to make for a fantastic experience.
vicky pap
vicky pap
Η καλυτερη ιδεα για να πεταξεις με ασφαλεια και οικονομικο τροπο εχοντας άψογη εξυπηρετηση σε ολες τις αναγκες του πελατη! Σιγουρα θα το ξανα προτιμησω στο επομενο ταξιδι μου !!
Zoe 00009
Zoe 00009
When my flight on a major carrier was canceled last minute, I was referred to Greek Air Taxi Network at the airport in Athens and they saved me from missing a critical business event in Europe. I snagged an empty leg seat at the time that I needed for a reasonable cost. The process was smooth, with top-notch service from beginning to end. Thank you from back home safely in Boulder, CO!
dimitrios tsokis
dimitrios tsokis
Η εμειρια μου ηταν συναρπαστικη και ασφαλης.Χαρηκα που επελεξα την Greek air taxi network και σας το συνιστω ανεπιφυλακτα.