Medical Tourism

Rich in history, culture, beautiful destinations, peaceful islands and a mild Mediterranean climate — Greece has it all.  Tourists know that well. In fact, Greece welcomes more than 25 million visitors each year making it a top tourist destination in Europe and the world.  Thanks to all that Greece offers, medical tourism a thriving part of the country’s tourism sector.

Equipped with high-end medical equipment and infrastructure, Greece is highly regarded as a great option for medical tourists.  Hospitals and clinics offers high-quality treatments, low waiting times and affordable prices.

Greece is highly-regarded in several specializations in the medical tourism industry including cosmetic reconstruction and dental treatments. Also, many couples from abroad visit Greece for Vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedures.  IVF clinics have proven to have a history of high success rates at affordable prices.

Greece’s world famous beaches and picturesque destinations are part of the medical tourism experience for much needed rest and relaxation.  The country also boasts natural thermal and mineral springs that have healing properties. Greeks have been bathing in the waters since ancient times. The waters spring up through the rocks and are rich with mineral ingredients that help patients with various skin diseases, hypertension, respiratory disorders and rheumatic disorders.  There are dozens of spa resorts are situated at several beautiful locations throughout the country.


Why choose Greece for Travel and Treatment?

The natural wonders of Greece can do wonders for the body. The fresh air of Greece’s mountain landscapes, the calm nature of stunning Greek beaches and the serene environment that can only be found on the Greek islands are all ideal getaways to relax the mind and body. Dining in Greece is yet another positive aspect of one’s medical tourism package. Greek cuisine incorporates healthy, organic and local ingredients.   The Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest in the world.

For some tourists, the country’s thermal spring spas are the answer to help alleviate or even cure various disorders.  Finally, medical tourism clinics and Greek hospitals are led by some of the finest doctors in the field.  Medical tourists are offered high quality healthcare at a fraction of the cost of treatment in compared to their home countries.  That combination makes Greece a top contender for many types and varieties of health and medical tourism packages.

Greek Hospitals and International Standards of Care

The Greek hospital network operates under exceptional standards to offer world class healthcare.   Doctors are multilingual, speaking excellent English as well as other languages.  In fact, many Greek surgeons train abroad in either the States or the U.K.  Just as well, medical training in Greece is equally rigorous with high standards.

In Greece, cosmetic surgeons are registered with the Hellenic Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery. The Hellenic Society also has professional bodies for specialists in trauma and surgery.

How do I gain access to medical treatment in Greece?

A qualified medical and health tourism consultant can guide you through the entire process.  Traveling to another country for medical treatment is more complex than picking up the phone and calling a hospital for an appointment. An international patient requires a strong partner who operates closely with, yet independently of, the medical provider network in order to assure the proper care.

Our trusted partners can work with you and answer all of your questions.  They can provide you with a personalized quote for your medical treatment in Greece in the shortest possible time.

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