Costa Navarino…

Charter a helicopter and fly to Costa Navarino to enjoy your holidays at this dreamy destination that perfectly combines luxury, nature and the Messinian culture!

Traveling with a commercial flight but looking for a faster and easier way to access your next destination? Chartering a private business jet or helicopter will give you the freedom of organizing the trip around your needs. We can arrange to pick you up from the door of your commercial flight and escort you to the General Aviation Terminal from where you will board your private flight to your next destination.

You and your friends can enjoy a game of golf, no time wasted. You can even fly to Costa Navarino for the day and return in the afternoon. Our helicopters are equipped with a special compartment that can store the golf clubs. We will be happy to assist you with arranging all the details of your trip, from chartering a helicopter, to ground transportation, accommodation and anything else you might need.

Located in the Southwest Peloponnese, right next to the Ionian Sea, Costa Navarino resort is an ideal destination either for romantic or for family holidays and at the same time, it has been recognized as the new luxury golf – a destination in Greece.

During the summer season, we operate multiple helicopter flights to Costa Navarino. The flight time ranges from 1:00 hour to 1:20, depending on the helicopter you will choose. Our entire fleet of helicopters is at your disposal; however, we always offer the “right aircraft at the right price”!

Besides Athens, other popular routes for helicopter flights are from Mykonos to Costa Navarino or from Crete to Costa Navarino and vice versa. Our Mykonos based helicopter can regularly be spotted communicating from Mykonos to Costa Navarino. The same applies to our helicopters based in Santorini and Crete.

We operate multiple helicopter flights during the summer season, thus there are numerous empty legs you can use and take advantage of our highly competitive prices!  Make sure to regularly visit our empty legs page and stay updated with our latest helicopter flight offers.

Get instant real-time availability, price and aircraft details using the Smart Banner which is located on the main page of our website. Choose the type of aircraft to suit your needs: helicopter, small aircraft, midsize jets, business jet. The GATN network has access to more than 7,000+ private jets and helicopters.

Simply contact us with your travel requirements and we’ll take care of the rest!

Destination Indicative flight Duration One- way Indicative Price One-way
Costa Navarino to Porto Heli 0:38 5.493,00 €
Costa Navarino to Santorini 1:35 9.770,00 €
Athens to Costa Navarino 1:20 4.545,00 €
Santorini to Costa Navarino 1:35 8.124,00 €
Mykonos to Costa Navarino 1:25 7.063,00 €
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