Foodie Experiences in Crete

Foodie Experiences

Gamopilafo Gamopilafo translates to rice of the wedding. It is a traditional Cretan dish traditionally offered in many regions of that great island as the primary dish of the wedding feast, consisting of meat and poultry accompanied by rice cooked in the meat broth. Cretan Snails Snails with rosemary and wine is one of the most classic and delicious Cretan plates. Dakos Salad  Dakos salad is a simple tomato-based salad, served traditionally over a toasted bread or barley rusk and mixed with combinations of feta cheese, oregano and olives. Cretan Dakos Tsipouro Crete is famous for its excellent version of tsiporou. It is distilled liquor pressed from the pomace of grapes. Raki_ Graviera Graviera is one of the most popular cheeses in Crete. It is a hard cheese with a light yellow color. It has a slightly sweet and nutty taste.


Scalani Hills, Boutari Winery and Residences  Located just five kilometers from the ancient Knossos Palace, the Scalani Hills winery offers lovely wine tastings in a beautiful setting. Scalani Hills