Athens International airport to the south coast Marinas


Charter a helicopter and arrive within 10-15’ from Athens international airport to the south coast of Athens or even better directly to your yacht!

Athens international airport is located at about 35km from the city center and it takes about 40 – 50 minutes (depending on the traffic) to reach Piraeus port, Athens city center or any of the marinas in the south coast (i.e. Floisvos marina or Athens marina at the Stadium of Peace & Friendship).

If your yacht is already waiting for you to board, then why lose time from your valuable holidays? Whether you are flying with a commercial airline or with your private jet to Athens airport, we can pick you up upon arrival and transfer you with VIP ground transportation straight to your helicopter. In almost a quarter of hour you will be at your luxury yacht!

You can land either at the Floisvos marina helipad or at the Athens marina helipad, near the Stadium of Peace and Friendship; it depends on where your mega yacht is located. Our entire fleet of helicopters based in Athens airport is at your disposal.

For indicative prices and online availability, click here and check which helicopters are available. Otherwise, our wonderful travel advisors will happy to assist you with your helicopter request. Simply contact us with your travel requirements and we’ll take care of the rest!

Empty legs

Since we operate multiple helicopter flights during the summer season, there are numerous empty legs you can use and take advantage of our highly competitive prices! Visit regularly our empty legs page and stay tuned with our helicopter flight offers.