Top Historical Sights in Kos

The Roman Auditorium

This is one of the most important public buildings built during ancient times on the island.  An Italian archeologist uncovered it during an excavation in 1929.

Roman Odeon

Built the 2nd century BC, the Roman Odeon used to host gladiator –like tournaments in front of excited crowds.

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Pyli and its Castle 

Pyli is a modern village located 17 kilometers from the city of Kos.  Just on the outskirts of Pyli, is an abandoned settlement and Byzantine caslte built around the 9th century AD.

Temple of Hercules 

The once rectangular temple dates back to the 2nd century BC.

Asclepieion of Kos

With sea views out to the Turkish coast, this monument once stood as the place to worship the god Asclepius. It was a hospital as well as a medical school where Hippocrates taught.

Ancient Agora of Kos

This area was the commercial and social center of the island during ancient times.  It is the largest agora to have been uncovered in Greece to date.

Castle of Nerantzia

The Castle of Nerantzia translates to castle of the sour orange tree, a name chosen due to the many trees that thrived in the island at the time.  This fortification was constructed on the island by the Knights Templar at the end of the 14th century A.D.

Ancient Stadium of Kos

The ruins of the ancient stadium of Kos date back to the first half of the 2nd century BC.

Kos Mosque

The Defterdar mosque dates back to 1780.  It is located in Eleftherias Square.