Top Things to Do in Kos

Discover its History 

With a history that reaches back to ancient times, Kos is full of ancient and historic monuments that have played a significant role in Greek history.

Play at its Beaches

Kos is lined with fantastic beaches including perfect sandy coasts with crystal clear water. Days can be spent discovering them all!

Discover its Villages

While Kos has its modern edge, many villages are truly a taste of authentic Greek island culture. Kos Town is full of beautiful architecture and further adorned by a beautiful historic castle.

Around Kos

plaka forrest in Kos

Plaka Forest

This peaceful pine tree forest sits along a picturesque gorge. It is just a short two-minute drive from the Kos airport.

Hippocrates Plane Tree

According to legend, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, would teach his students the secrets of healing under this plane tree in Kos Town.

Zia Village

Zia is an authentic, scenic mountainous village right in the center of the island.

Thermal Springs

This small cove is scattered black pebbles. Visitors relax in the hot thermal water. The beach is surrounded by huge rocks.


Kos gets its share of strong summer winds that blow almost daily in certain spots of the island. Popular spots for windsurfing include Mastihari, Kefalos, Agios Stefanos, Psalidi and Lambi.

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Unique Watersports Centers

Some watersports are exclusively found in Kos such as super jet boating.  Watersports centers are found in Kefalos, Psalidi, Kardamena, Agios Stefanos and Mastihari.

Scuba Diving

Kos has a volcanic history and that has created many underwater caves and reefs ideal for scuba diving.


Kos is famous for its nightlife scene.  The cities and town s are lined with great eateries, bars and clubs. Kos Town, Kardamena, Zia, Tigaki, Agios Stefanos and Mastihari are the most popular places to find a great meal and the streets and squares buzz with crowds every summer. Meanwhile, the best nightlife spots can be found in Kos Town and Kardamena.


Triantafyllopoulos Winery offers tours around the family vineyard. Be sure to sample their delicious Malagouzia-Sauvignon Blanc.