Mykonos to Paros


Many travelers visiting the Greek islands wish to explore more than one destinations. Chartering a helicopter is the ideal option for island hopping…luxury, comfortable and time efficient!

One of the most popular routes for helicopter charter is flying from Mykonos to Paros; this way you will enjoy your holidays in two of the most well-known Cyclades islands!

Whether you are already in Mykonos, enjoying the cosmopolitan island, or you have just arrived at Mykonos International airport with a private jet, we can take you to Paros in just 17 minutes! Board our wonderful, air-conditioned, VIP helicopter EC135 (6 seats) and fly from Mykonos to Paros in only a few minutes.

In Mykonos, you can take off either from Mykonos airport or from your hotel’s helipad, if any. In Paros, we can land in Paros airport or any other designated helipad.

For indicative prices and online availability, click here and check which helicopters are available. Otherwise, our wonderful travel advisors will happy to assist you with your helicopter request. Simply contact us with your travel requirements and we’ll take care of the rest!

Empty legs

Since we operate multiple helicopter flights during the summer season, there are numerous empty legs you can use and take advantage of our highly competitive prices! Visit regularly our empty legs page and stay tuned with our helicopter flight offers.