Best Beaches in Paros

These are just a few of the best beaches in Paros, each offering unique experiences and stunning natural beauty for visitors to enjoy.

Kolymbithres beach

Kolymbithres Beach in Paros is truly a stunning destination with its unique landscape created by the granite blocks. The smooth shapes and crystal-clear waters make it a favorite spot for visitors seeking both natural beauty and relaxation.

Golden Beach

Golden Beach in Paros, also known as Chrissi Akti, is indeed a popular spot for both swimming and watersports. The 700-meter stretch of golden sand and the ideal wind conditions make it a favorite destination for windsurfers.

Pounda beach

Pounda beach in Paros is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. With its stunning views of Naxos island and clear waters, it is a great spot for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of the area.

Parasporos beach

Parasporos in Paros is a popular beach destination known for its beautiful emerald waters and unique mix of golden sand and large pebbles. Its location south of Parikia.

Santa Maria beach

Santa Maria in Paros is a stunning location situated just 2 km away from Naoussa. It features a long coastline with two soft, golden-sand beaches that provide a picturesque view of the neighboring island of Naxos.

Marchello beach

Many people flock to Marchello beach in the summer months to relax, swim, and soak up the stunning views. Its vibrant atmosphere and amenities make it a favorite spot for beachgoers.