The best places to eat in Paros

Paros is known for its delicious Greek cuisine, offering a variety of traditional dishes and fresh seafood. Here are some of the best places to eat in Paros.

From the first smile that sweeps by your table like the fresh salty breeze of seductive Naousa, to the very last drop of taste that has found its rightful place on your plate, Ohja! is a complete culinary experience in itself. Here, fine dining leans on the best quality ingredients and the treasures they bring to the conversation. Treated with the outmost respect in the hands of our experienced team, flavors are left to develop their subtle notes without a hint of exaggeration. Welcome to the exploration that underlines the art of preparing the best version of a meal with the finest gems our sea has to offer.

Around the little streets of Naoussa, there is a minimal oasis which will impress you! Stilvi Restaurant welcomes you in its atmospheric courtyard and offers special choices for your dinner. The menu is based on Mediterranean cousine with a modern twist, applying to all tastes!  The special coctail list turns dining to a real experience. Is the astral phenomenon of the brilliance and color of the stars.

Barbarossa has a history in Paros. Its kitchen has served celebrities, members of royal families, people who have written history. But the ingredients remain simple. They are the building blocks of Greek island gastronomy. The foods that Paros produces. Barbarossa’s kitchen is Paros, on a plate. The real taste of the Aegean. Barbarossa is where traditional ingredients, the textures and the flavors of the Aegean meet the fine dining outlook.

Mario Restaurant in Paros stands as a paragon of culinary excellence on this idyllic Greek island. With a commitment to superb gastronomy and a dedication to showcasing the finest local ingredients, Mario Restaurant offers an exceptional dining experience. The elegant and inviting ambiance sets the stage for a memorable meal, where traditional Greek flavors blend harmoniously with contemporary culinary techniques. Whether you’re savoring the catch of the day from the Aegean Sea or indulging in meticulously crafted Mediterranean dishes, Mario Restaurant consistently delivers dishes that delight the palate