Top Museums of Paros

Museums offer a diverse range of cultural experiences and provide insightinto the history, art, and traditions of Paros and the Cycladic islands.

The museum lies close to Panagia Ekantontapiliani, one of the island’s religious symbols and includes hundreds of findings from the Neolithic to Roman times. The entire history of Paros is re-created before your eyes through a vast collection of sculptures, vessels, statues, and other items. If you care to visit the actual church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani you will also get a tour of the small Byzantine Museum that displays rare icons, jewelry, and relics. The church of Agios Athanasios in Naoussa is also home to another Byzantine collection that will impress you.

The Archaeological Museum of Paros was founded in 1960, in a room built next to the High School of Parikia. It is one of the most important museums in Greece because of its exhibits, which were found in excavations on Paros and Antiparos.
These findings date from the Neolithic period to early Christianity, and include: the Nike of Paros, Cycladic figurines, mosaics, the Archaic marble statue Gorgon (according to the myth, Gorgon was a monster that terrified and petrified those who faced it), kouroi, the poet Archilochus, amphorae from a Parian workshop, deities, and many more.

Benetos Skiadas, the folk artist of Paros, is known for his exceptional craftsmanship in creating hand-made, original, detailed large-scale miniatures using traditional techniques and natural materials. His work includes intricate recreations of historical ships, such as his beloved fishing vessel named Popi after his wife, as well as models of a French galleon that sank off the coast of the island in the 1840s and an ancient Greek warship.
In addition to historical ships, Skiadas has also crafted amazing large-scale miniature reconstructions of iconic buildings from the Cycladic islands. Visitors can marvel at the Church of 100 Doors, the Venetian Castle, and the traditional windmill from Parikia, all meticulously recreated with attention to detail and artistic flair.

Sculpture Museum N. Perantinou

The Sculpture Museum Nikos Perantinos in Marpissa, Paros is a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts and those interested in the works of the renowned artist. Nikos Perantinos’ dedication to honoring Greece and his island is reflected in the exquisite sculptures, engravings, and drawings on display at the museum.
The museum showcases a diverse collection of works predominantly crafted from marble and bronze, highlighting Perantinos’ mastery of these materials. Visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty and artistry of his creations, gaining insight into his artistic vision and the cultural significance of his work.