Top Things to Do in Rhodes

Discover Rhodes Town

Walk the walls of historic Rhodes Town.  The town is famous for its incredibly preserved medieval structures. You can find the best views from the walls that are  reachable from the courtyard of the Grand Master’s Palace.  UNESCO proclaimed this fantastic medieval city a monument of global cultural heritage.

Love the Island Nature

Visit the gorgeous tropical side of the island at the lush Valley of the Butterflies. The valley is part of the Natura 2000 network, distinguished for its unique flora and fauna. From July until September, millions of multicolor butterflies fill the park. Also consider a fresh hike in Epta Piges, or Seven Springs. It’s a beautiful patch of forest with freshwater springs.


Inside the Old Town of Rhodes on Orfanidi Street, hip and happening venues buzz with nightlife options. Ixia is one of the popular resort areas full of nightlife.  Faliraki attracts the younger crowd that enjoys dancing until down.  Meanwhile, the picturesque village of Lindos that overlooks the Acropolis is known for its rooftop bars and restaurants.

Painted churches

View the beautiful, historic frescoes at churches and monasteries across the island including at Kímisis church in Asklipio and the frescoes of John the Baptist at Panagia Katholiki.


The island’s southern part separates the Mediterranean from the Aegean, creating top conditions for windsurfing. Head to the Prassonisi Center for lessons and equipment.

Ancient Sites

Rhodes is home to amazing archaeological sites worth exploring. Their history stretches back millennia.

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Beach Life

Rhodes is ringed with beautiful shores, secluded bays and long sandy stretches of beach. There are dozens of beaches for every beach style to choose from.

Eat Well

The island of Rhodes has its own kind of Greek specialties. Many dishes feature seafood and influences from nearby Turkey.

Wine Tasting

Emponas and Siana are two towns that are a “must” for wine lovers who visit Rhodes. Emponas features lush vineyards, and a selection of family-owned wineries that offer local wine tastings.