Best Beaches in Santorini

Red Beach/Kokkini Paralia 

The name of this volcanic beach reveals its unique color. The burnt red and amber rocks create a beach scene unlike anyplace else in the world.

Paradisos Beach

This quiet beach is a unique beach setting, filled with grey and black sand.

Vlyhada Beach

The volcano white rocks in Vlyhada look like a moon landscape. It is one of the island’s least crowded beaches, best for those who are interested in simply swimming and sunbathing.

Kamari Beach

This northern beach is well organized beach and has been awarded a blue flag for being one of the best beaches in Europe.

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White Beach/Aspri Paralia 

Located next to the Red Beach, the White Beach is reachable only by boat from Akrotiri or by swimming half an hour from the Red Beach. It boasts crystal clear waters and picturesquely imposing white cliff.