Luxury Experiences in Santorini

Dining by the Caldera

Santorini has some great restaurants with gorgeous settings.  However, a special evening dining by the caldera is a unique experience that no other destination can offer.

Private Sailing Adventures

Hire a private sailboat, yacht or catamaran to sail you off to the private beaches, rocky shores and unique views from the sea.  It is the ultimate way to experience Santorini.

Fly a Helicopter to and around Santorini

Take a private helicopter ride that will sweep you above the island where you can take in the breathtaking panoramic views of the whitewashed villages spilling down the dramatic cliffs of the volcanic isle.

Spa Time

Indulge in incredible spa sessions perfect for rest and relaxation.  Santorini’s finest luxury resorts incorporate natural Mediterranean spa products into various spa offerings.

Yacht or Fly to Surrounding Isles

All types of luxury yacht and helicopter experiences await on the island.  Charter a yacht or a helicopter to see nearby Cycladic islands including Folegandros and Mykonos – in ultimate style and comfort.