Nearby Historic Excursions

Mount Olympus
Mythology lovers know that this mountain was where the 12 gods ruled. Mount Olympus is a national park perfect for hiking and exploring.

Mount Athos
This area of Greece is set in the mountains located on the easternmost peninsula outside of Thessaloniki. The World Heritage Site is officially an autonomous monastic state where 1,700 monks live. The monastery houses some of Greece’s most historic and valuable artifacts including manuscripts, icons and frescoes. Only men are admitted on the peninsula.

The famous Hellenistic tombs were discovered in Vergina, including King Philip’s tomb.

Visit Dion and explore the sacred city for the ancient Macedonians.  Located at the foot of Mount Olympus, you’ll find two theatres, temples of the gods and an ancient stadium.

Petralona Cave
The cave was the site of some of the world’s most amazing anthropological finds. Here, archaeologists unearthed a Neanderthal skull, determined to be 500,000 years old.

For those looking to delve into Hellenic history the town of Edessa is a wonderful place to visit. Famous for being the final resting place of Alexander the Great’s father, Phillip II, you can visit his well-kept tomb in an exhibition which is open all year round. Whilst in Edessa be sure to visit the waterfalls and if you dare you can make your way down and walk underneath them.