Visit Chalkidiki

Chalkidiki beaches

This area of Greece is also known for three sea-jutting peninsulas called Chalkidiki.  The land mass features beautiful green lush forests that contrast stunningly as a backdrop to the coastline’s sandy beaches and turquoise seas.   Kassandra, the westernmost peninsula, has an array of beaches, beach resorts and charming towns to visit.    The middle peninsula is called Sithonia. It is famed for its beautiful beaches that seem tucked away from the rest of the world.  In Sithonia, the town of Sarti has plenty of excellent restaurants. On the last peninsula known as the Aristotelis peninsula, visitors can discover the gorgeous beach resort of Ouranoupolis where a lovely promenade is lined with cafes and charming taverns. A more secluded beach selection is Ammouliani beach, a little islet accessible via boat from Tripiti.

Rent A Helicopter in Greece

Mount Athos
As mentioned above, on the most eastern peninsula of Chalkidiki sits what Greeks refer to as the Holy Mountain, which is forbidden to women and children.  Only men can visit the religious site.  It is a layout of 20 monasteries some of which are presently inhabited by some 1,400 monks.  It is also a World UNESCO Heritage Site. Its school of painting influenced the history of Orthodox art.  One way to explore this site is via private yacht excursions around the peninsula.  An even more exciting way is to rent a helicopter for the most panoramic views of the peninsula’s beautiful wildlife, historic buildings and stunning coastline.


Chalkidiki is full of energy during the summer season. Neos Marmaras on Sithonia, or Kallithea, Nea Potidea, Chanioti and Pefkochori on Cassandra Polygyros are known for their vibrant nightlife options.