Top Things to Do in Zakynthos

Explore Island Caves

In the northern part of the island called Skinari, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the magnificent Blue Caves. There, the incredibly clear waters of the region appear to turn objects that are placed in them — blue. This includes people who can enter the water inside the caves to swim. The Keri Caves located on a small peninsula in the southern coast of the island are sea caves filled with water that takes on a beautiful blue-green color from the reflection of the sun.

Natural Wildlife

Two endangered species call Zante home, the loggerhead sea turtle and the monk seal.  The sea turtles, known in Greek as caretta caretta, build over 3,000 nests each year in the Laganas region of the island.   The Marine Park of Zante protects the caretta caretta as tourism continues to grow, threatening some of their nesting areas.

A rarer site that you may have the luck of experiencing is the monk seal known in Greek as monachus monachus. They are among the rarest mammal species of the world. These light grey or brown seals use the secluded caves of Zante to give birth. The newly born seals stay in the cave for two weeks before they swim out into the sea.

Incredible Beach Days

The island is ringed with some of the best beaches in Greece. There are beaches for every beach style as well including family, party and secluded romantic beaches.  Zakynthos is home to one of the most stunning and picturesque beaches in the world. Navagio or Shipwreck Beach is only reachable by boat and swimming in its pure aqua waters are a unique beach experience in itself.

Marathonissi Island Tour

Hire a private boat to explore the enchanting little island of Marathonisse. There, several beautiful beaches await.  A private boat also gives you the opportunity to explore and swim in the caves of Marathia Cape.

Island Products

For the foodie traveler, Zakynthos offers rich local cuisine and is known for its olive oil, local wines and Greek cheeses. There are local cheese farms, sweet shops and olive oil factories you can visit.

Delicious Local Specialties

When dining out make sure to head to some top local traditional Greek tavernas that specialize in Greek food.  Zante is known for its variations on delicious rabbit stew. If you’re looking for great local dishes in Zante Town, head to Varkarola. It’s located in a very central location with a view of the harbor. Besides their excellent dishes, Varkarola serenades its guests with live Zakythian music called kantades. If you love peaceful sea views head to Ladofanaro by the Beach. The panorama of Amboula Beach will be your dining backdrop as you enjoy traditional Zakynthian cuisine on a large outdoor patio.


The infamous resort of Laganas is the main “party” town on the island.  For great dancing and a fun crowd, head to the Cameo Island. Its unique location makes it especially unique for its annual summer party events.  The lively nightlife doesn’t stop in the Laganas area.  The areas of Saint Marco and D. Solomos in the city of Zakynthos, Kalamaki, Argasi, Tsilivi and Alykes also feature an array of bars and venues that cater to those looking to have a great time out on the island. For a beautiful lounge resto-bar option, Portokali in Argasi is known for its cozy, garden atmosphere. It has low-lighting, unique art décor and cushioned areas to enjoy a great drink.