Ski Resorts in Greece


For up to four months each year in Greece, the focus isn’t ‘sun and sea’ but rather ‘snow and ski.’  The country’s snowcapped mountains and its surrounding villages enveloped by cold weather, welcome half a million visitors each year looking to discover what a Greek winter can offer.

Days and hours of operation vary at each ski center depending on seasonal conditions. It is best to contact a center in advance to check on the most current schedules of operation.

Kalavrita Ski Center

Considered one of the top ski resorts in Greece, Kalavrita Ski Center is situated in the Peloponnese.  The center has 12 slopes and 7 lifts and is located on the northwest side of Mt. Helmos at an altitude of 1,700 meters (base) to 2,340 meters (summit). Moguls, off-trail skiing, cross-country skiing, snow tubing are also available.

The ancient city of Kinethas is located nearby, perfect for a day visit.  There are also small surrounding villages on the slopes of Aroanion Mountain.

Mount Kaimaktsalan Ski Resort

Located on Mount Vora, Kaimaktsalan is the highest winter sports center of Greece built at altitudes between 2020 to 2450 meters.  It opened officially in 1995 35 kilometers from Edessa, on the border with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.    There are 13 slopes on site with three main lifts and three baby lifts. There are areas for snowboarding, snow tubing, snowmobiling as well as a ski school.

Snowcat vehicle tours offer spectacular views from above the ski center, the peak of Mount Olympus, the Pindus Mountains and Thermaikos Bay.

Pilio Ski Center

Famous for its views that combine the mountains and sea, the Pilio Ski Center was one of the first ski centers to operate in Greece. It is located 27 kilometers from the city of Volos at the foot of Mount Pelion in Agriolefkes. The center’s four slopes include one for beginners, one cross-country ski run and a network of connecting ski runs.

Several villages  are located nearby including Hania, Portaria and Makrinitsa are also in close proximity.

Mount Mainalo Ski Center

Mount Mainalo is the closest ski center to Athens at 162 kilometers away, attracting 80,000 visitors each year.  It is located in the heart of the Peloponnese, in the region of Ostrakina.

Well-suited to beginners, it has four tow lifts and eight runs.  The Mainalo Ski School also offers ski, ski racing and snowboarding lessons. The center also has a snowmobile park, snow tube runs and a new snowboard park.

Mount Parnassos Ski Resort

This is the largest winter sports and ski center in Greece, located 180 km from Athens and popular with Athenian winter sports lovers. There are two sites, Kellaria which is at 1600 meters and Fterolaka which is at 1750 meters.

A total of 18 ski runs cover all levels, from beginners to advanced skiers and snowboarders. For the more adventurous there are 12 off-piste “black” routes.

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Karpenissi Ski Center – Velouchi Ski Center 

Located in Central Greece, the Karpenissi-Velouchi Ski Center is located on Mount Tymfristos, near Lamia. The center was established in 1974 and has grown to 11 slopes with various levels of difficulty.  There are seven lifts, in addition to a lift leading to the skiing site for beginners.

Elatohori Ski Center 

On the northeast side of the Pieria Mountains, the Elatohori Ski Center offers spectacular views of Mount Olympus and Aliakmonas. Reaching altitudes between 1450 – 1912 meters, it neighbors the picturesque village of Elatochori and is 105 kilometers from Thessaloniki.

There are eight slopes with variable height and with varying degrees of difficulty to satisfy both beginners to experienced skiers.  There are five lifts.  There are also tracks for snowboards, sleds and a snowboard fun park.

Chriso Elafi Ski Center 

The Chriso Elafi Ski Center opened in 1980 near the picturesque Seli village on Mt. Vermio.  The center is situated at altitudes up to 1660 meters and neighbors the Seli Ski Resort.

Its four slopes with varying degrees of difficulty.  There are two sliding lifts.  Off-slope skiing, night skiing and mountaineering activities are also available. Certified teachers run the on-site ski school.

Tel: +30  23310 49220

Mount Vasilitsa Ski Center

The Vasilitsa Ski Center is located in Greneva, right in the heart of the Pindos Mountains, 250 kilometers from Thessaloniki.

The center stretches over two mountains and has sixteen ski runs with diverse types of terrain. There are 15 skiing runs at altitudes between 1646 and 2115 meters. There are also seven lifts and two baby lifts.  The ski center is known as one of the best places in southeastern Europe for snowboarding. The Alpine Club offers daily individual and group lessons.  Snowmobiles, snow-scooters and 4X4 vehicles are also available for rent.

3-5 Pigadia Ski Resort

3-5 Pigadia is located on the west side of Mount Vermion and welcomes 65,000 visitors a year.  The ski center is built at altitudes between 1430 to 2005 meters and is 17 kilometers from the Naoussa, a wine producing region in Greece. The center has seven lifts, including one chairlift, and 10 slopes that can satisfy advanced and cross-country skiers alike.   Visitors can also make use of a snowboarding park and there is a variety of other activities including hiking, trekking, mountain biking, hang gliding and paragliding.

Anilio Ski Center, Metsovo  

The Anilio Ski Center, located about 50 kilometers from Ioannina, is the newest ski resort in the country featuring slopes for all levels of skiers and snowboarding enthusiasts.  The center includes a two-seater chairlift 800 meters long, two brand new lifts 280 and 300 meters and two for children. Also nearby is the Karakoli Ski Center also located in Metsovo. There are three resorts at Karakoli: Politsies, Karakoli and Zygos. All three are small but have good facilities.