Private Jet Chartering during the lockdown

As several European countries are already announced or getting closer to the 2nd lockdown, the various travel restrictions are again in the air. In these difficult for private aviation times, the GATN Team continues to provide Private Jet chartering for all types of trips that are not under restrictions.

As a result of these new and upcoming travel restrictions, many commercial airline companies are reducing the already low number of scheduled flights. So the Private Jet Chartering is becoming the preferred way of travel for those who cannot or do not wish to use commercial airline flights.

Most countries and airports are still open for essential travel, repatriation flights, medical, or exceptional reasons.

A lot of our clients are using this time to plan their New Year and Christmas trips, or winter holidays. Some people are planning to visit "summer" countries, where the weather is warm and sunny, some people instead will spend the holidays at the Ski Resorts or visiting families and friends. Everything shows that this winter and especially in December and January the demand for Private traveling will raise significantly.

During the worldwide pandemic closure, we have noticed that the popularity of Private Aviation, such as Private Jet and Helicopter chartering is raising, offering the clients more control over their trip and giving them the opportunity to travel with much more safety and privacy than with commercial airlines aircraft.

Another thing that we noticed the last couple of months of pandemic flight restrictions, is that in addition to serving our valuable clients, we are receiving a lot of requests from the new clients, that are using Private Aviation for the first time.  Chartering a Private Aircraft provides safe and comfortable traveling.

Reach your Yacht by Private Jet

As all the borders are slowly opening and people start planning their holidays, but the new travel regulations and safety/sanitary requirements in 2020 making traveling a bit complicated and could affect costly for your holiday plans. If you are a yacht owner or planning your holidays on a chartered yacht, you might be concerned about how you will reach it. You can check gorgeous luxury yachts offered for charter on our

Concierge room - Yachts

Our new service will make private travel from your home to the yacht location pleasant and simple. The GATN team will design your private trip on all its stages so that you will reach your yacht in the fastest possible and safe way.

All you need is to give us the departure city and a yacht location. The rest, you can leave with us.

Upon requesting your flight our team will assist you in making all of the necessary arrangements, from flight booking to ground transfer your yacht.

The service includes:

Flight arrangements from the preferred city to the airport closest to the yacht location.
Private customs on arrival in the VIP lounge (if available)
Ground transportation from the airport to the marina
Yacht handling via our local agent in Greece

Greece was announced by the World Health Organization as the safest country for the summer 2020 holidays for the excellent handling of the Covid-19 situation in the country.

We invite you to make your holidays in Greece and we hope to welcome you onboard and on deck !!!

Greek government to reduce VAT for tourism and transportation

ATHENS – Greece's tourist sector, especially places serving food and beverages, will get much-needed relief in the aftermath of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic through a cut in the Value Added Tax (VAT) as the country also hopes visitors will come this year.

The VAT will be cut from 24 to 13 percent by the New Democracy government that also paid out 17.5 billion euros ($18.98 billion) in benefits to workers laid off and their businesses that were temporarily closed during a lockdown.Read more

It's getting better - Where can you fly now?

The situation with COVID-19 seems to get better, so some countries start to relax travel and passenger restrictions. Our team is monitoring the travel restrictions changes every day, to stay updated with the latest information. So we can provide in-time and useful information to assist our customers.

Countries are continuing to implement additional health screening measures at transport hubs, including airports, seaports, and border crossings, to contain the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak. These include temperature checks prior to boarding planes and upon landing, stringent questions about itineraries, and medical declarations. Allow additional time to complete check-in formalities.

To review the latest updates for travel and passenger restrictions you can visit our interactive platform In-sky situation.



24/7 round COVID-19 Transportation Demands

The COVID-19 virus continues spreading all over the world, getting sick more and more people, and unfortunately, it does not look to turn over. The demand for air ambulance transportation is hitting the records. Air Business International Team is 24/7 on charge and doing the best to provide our services to the people in need of medical transportation. We are closely collaborating with our trusted air ambulance operators in Greece, Germany, Austria, Italy, Israel, and other counties. There are also a lot of upcoming restrictions for medical transportation.

Medical transportation of coronavirus patients

One of our trusted partners has announced the purchase of a portable medical isolation unit manufactured in Norway by EpiGuard AS, known as the EpiShuttle, and they are now ready to start transporting patients infected with COVID-19.  There is also a dedicated team of 4 ICU Flight Doctors and 8 Flight Paramedics, now trained in accordance with the ECDC European Center for Disease Control Technical Directive, and the company can offer transportation of patients with the confirmed 2019-nCoV infection on a case by case basis … positive case contacts will also be transported’.”

Limitations placed on patient transports include:

The Health Authority Infectious Disease Notification processes relevant to all jurisdictions have been followed and approved prior to the mission

Receiving care has been confirmed and the receiving hospital is fully informed and willing to accept the patient.
The involved ground ambulance services are briefed accordingly and accept the patient.
The patient and/or relevant family member/legal guardian gives consent to being transported in a PMIU after full disclosure of the risks and limitations involved.
The transport is not in breach of aviation restrictions in place and subject to amendment from time to time as promulgated by international agencies eg: WHO/CDC/National authorities and aviation agencies.

Furthermore, the following numerous requests from clients can now commence repatriations of unaffected, healthy adults and children who are in a location considered to be at high risk of transmission back to their home country, on behalf of governments, international agencies, and private clients.

Our leading Air Ambulance Specialists and Special Mission Operators are working around the clock to help evacuate those in need following unprecedented demand from the spread of coronavirus. This includes both medical evacuations of infected patients and repatriation flights of unaffected healthy individuals from all corners of the globe.

The biggest challenge remains scheduling given entry restrictions now in place in many countries around the world many of which are not allowing entry for crew rest and pre-positioning.

Getting Ready for Better Days to Come


We hope for all our partners, valuable clients, and all people, in general, to stay strong in these critical times.
With our strong belief for better days to come we, here in ABI, are using time wisely.

Read more

Procedure for the approval of emergency flights due to the coronary crisis.



Due to the global coronavirus pandemic crisis the procedure to be followed for the approval of emergency flights to/from Greek Airports (repatriation, hospital/ambulance, crew rest, refueling / technical flights, etc) is as follows:Read more

Greece’s lockdown restrictions apply also in GA flights

Please be advised that flying to a destination with any GA aircraft is restricted as this is part of Greece’s lockdown (as per private car drivers who found to be traveling for leisure and are fined). In the case of aircraft in addition to the fine, there is a big possibility for the prohibition of departure back to the origin if there is no transportation exemption reason.

If however, the purpose of the flight complies with an exception, the local authorities will be notified by the ATCs and will wait for you at your landing area to check the passenger’s Work Commute Permit for Employees (type A) or Extraordinary Moving Permit (type B) as well as 731 forms. Not to mention of course IDs or Passports.
AOC operations should also comply. Passengers and crews must have permits accordingly. Furthermore, AOC operators must follow the Procedure for the approval of emergency flights.

Greece’s general lockdown transportation exemptions:

  • Travel to and from work during working hours.
  • Going to the pharmacy or to the doctor provided this is necessary, further to a telephone consultation.
  • Going to the supermarket, the mini-market for basic necessities, if delivery is not possible.
  • Going to the bank if the necessary transaction is not possible online.
  • Going to assist someone in need.
  • Attending a ceremony (e.g. funeral, wedding, christening) as per the relevant legislation; maintaining parent-child contact in case of divorced or separated parents as per relevant legislation.
  • Exercising outdoors or walking a pet. If accompanied by another individual, then there should be a 1.5 meters distance between the two.

Stay safe, Stay home!
We all want to get back to flying but for now, we must stay grounded.


In-sky Situation – Flights Restrictions 'Last update 8/4/20'

Our hope for you and your families to stay strong and safe in the Coronavirus crisis that the world is through. The Helicopter4You team remains at your disposal 24/7, doing our best. As known, multiply flight restrictions took place all over the planet. Below you can find important information about new restrictions in some important aviation destinations.Read more

Staying Operational



At this tuff for humanity times, when the whole world is facing the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, we hope for everyone to stay safe and healthy.

The continuous travel restrictions and limitations in General and Commercial Aviation certainly are affecting our daily operations. In this rapidly involving situation, we would like to update you that the Greek Air Taxi Network Team remains operational 24/7 and we are doing our best to assist our valuable clients, their families, and employers. If you have a flight request, we are here to serve you on domestic and international flights, according to any restrictions that may apply. We are monitoring constantly the current operational restrictions. And we sincerely hope to serve you. Contact us 24/7.

Our company deeply collaborating with authorities all over the world on evacuation and repatriation programs. Due to scheduled commercial and private flight cancellations, a lot of people are stuck in foreign countries, far from homelands and separated from their families.

There is also, a significant rise in the demand for Private Aviation flights not just in Europe, but all over the world. All our operation managers are doing what they can to find ways to transport the clients to the desired destinations, always according to acting regulatory requirements.

We have been closely monitoring the evolution of the SARS-CoV-19 and has been providing updates on our capabilities in the medical air ambulance transport missions in Greece, in Europe, and around the world. We are closely collaborating with the Medical Air Ambulance Operators, to be ready to provide the best medical services in a short period of time.

GATN Team would like to encourage everyone to stay safe and healthy, to help each other in these difficult times.
We have a strong hope to welcome shortly our valuable client on board.