Flying with pets on a private jet can be a luxurious and comfortable experience for both you and your pet, but it does require some planning and preparation. Below is a comprehensive guide to help you ensure a smooth journey for your furry companions:

  1. Check the Air Charter Service’s Pet Policy: Not all private jet services have the same pet policies. Be sure to inquire about any specific restrictions regarding pet type, size, or required documentation.
  2. Prepare Necessary Documentation: Depending on the charter company and destination, you might need to provide health certificates, proof of vaccinations, or other documents for your pet.
  3. Pack Essentials and Comfort Items: Make sure to pack everything your pet will need, including food, water, a leash, and any necessary medications. Bringing a favorite blanket or toy can also help comfort your pet.
  4. Ensure Proper Identification: Your pet should have a collar with an ID tag and ideally, a microchip to help ensure they can be returned to you if you get separated.
  5. Consider a Pet Carrier or Restraint: Even though your pet may be allowed to roam freely in the cabin, using a pet carrier or restraint can provide a safe and familiar space for your pet during the flight.
  6. Consult with Your Veterinarian: It's a good idea to talk with your vet before the flight, particularly if it's your pet's first time flying or if they have any health concerns.
  7. Limit Food Before the Flight: To avoid any accidents or discomfort from changes in air pressure, it's usually a good idea to limit your pet's food intake before the flight. Make sure they stay well-hydrated, though.
  8. Keep a Familiar Routine: Try to keep your pet's routine as normal as possible to help reduce their stress. This includes maintaining regular feeding times, walks, and playtimes.
  9. Arrival at the Airport: One of the benefits of private aviation is that you can usually arrive just minutes before your flight, reducing the waiting time that might stress your pet.
  10. Comfort Your Pet During the Flight: Your presence can greatly help to calm your pet. Offer reassurance and comfort to them throughout the flight.

Benefits of Flying with Pets on a Private Jet:

  • Less Stress for Your Pet: Unlike commercial flights, private jets allow pets in the cabin, reducing their stress and anxiety.
  • No Specific Crate Requirements: Private charters usually don't have strict crate requirements, allowing your pet more comfort during the journey.
  • No Temperature or Breed Restrictions: Unlike commercial airlines, private jets typically don't have restrictions based on outdoor temperatures or specific breeds.
  • More Attention and Care: With fewer passengers on board, your pet can receive more personalized care.
  • Flexible Schedules: Private jet charters offer the flexibility to choose your departure time, helping to maintain your pet's regular routine.
  • Direct Flights: Private jets often fly directly to a location, reducing overall travel time and making the journey more comfortable for your pet.
  • Pet-Friendly Amenities: Some charter companies offer pet-friendly amenities like pet treats, toys, and special safety equipment.
  • No Crowds: Private terminals or lounges offer a more peaceful environment compared to crowded airports.

Remember to inform the charter company about your pet in advance. Also, ensure that your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date and that they are healthy enough to travel.

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Hot weather can significantly affect the performance of private jet flights. Here are some of the ways in which hot weather can impact your flight:

  1. Reduced Lift:

    Airplanes achieve lift because of the air pressure difference above and below the wings. Hot air is less dense than cold air, resulting in reduced lift. Consequently, an aircraft might require more runway to take off or land, and it might also need to reach a higher speed before it can lift off.

  2. Reduced Engine Performance:

    Engines, particularly jet engines, depend on the intake of cool, dense air to perform optimally. Since hot air is less dense, the engine will intake less air mass, resulting in reduced performance. This could lead to a decrease in thrust, longer takeoff roll, and a limited climb rate.

  3. Increased Density Altitude:

    Density altitude is a measure that combines temperature and altitude to calculate the air's density. As hot weather increases the density altitude, the air becomes less dense even at the same physical altitude, which can affect aircraft performance.

  4. Weight Restrictions:

    Because of the reduction in aircraft performance caused by hot weather, you might need to make adjustments to the aircraft's weight for safety reasons. This might require reducing the number of passengers, the amount of fuel, or the weight of cargo.

  5. Greater Likelihood of Turbulence and Thunderstorms:

    Hot weather can lead to unstable air masses, which increases the likelihood of thunderstorms and turbulence. This could affect the smoothness of the flight and route planning.

  6. Overuse of Air Conditioning Systems:

    To maintain the comfort of passengers and crew, the aircraft's air conditioning systems might need to work harder, which could put additional demand on the aircraft's power systems.

  7. Material Expansion:

    The heat can cause the materials that make up the aircraft to expand. This could potentially affect the aircraft’s structural integrity and the fit of its components.

To mitigate these effects, pilots utilize performance charts and make calculations considering the temperature, altitude, runway length, and aircraft weight to adjust their flight operations. These precautions ensure that the aircraft operates safely and efficiently, even under hot weather conditions.

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Unlocking the Mysteries of Slot and Parking Restrictions at Mykonos Airport


Traveling to Mykonos, the most glamorous destination in the world, is an exciting adventure that requires both planning and organization. Every summer, the island welcomes countless visitors, all yearning for its unique beauty and charm.

With the ever-increasing number of travelers visiting the island annually, the Mykonos Airport Authority has imposed certain restrictions regarding aircraft slots and parking. These restrictions help regulate the busy airspace and ensure the safety of travelers.

Rather than booking your private jet flight for Mykonos at the last minute, GreekAirTaxiNetwork advises to plan ahead to guarantee a successful trip. We warn that last minute planning might leave you with a revised schedule or an increased cost. Furthermore, the airports may even reach full capacity and not accept any new departure/landings. As an alternative, we offer you an option of departure/land in a less busy airport or to book one of our helicopters to your final destination.

For more information, call us to 24-hour line at +30 210 996 7870 or send us an email at

Introducing the Latest Addition to Our Fleet


Another fresh 'out of the factory' helicopter joins the GreekAirTaxiNetwork fleet.

This brand new Airbus ACH125 will be operated by Superior Air.

Prices will be available throw our Smart Banner

We are excited to announce the newest addition to our fleet of aircraft: a state-of-the-art helicopter! With its powerful engines and advanced avionics, this new helicopter can get to any destination in no time. It is also fitted with the latest safety features, ensuring that our pilots and passengers are as safe as possible. In addition, the interior has been designed to ensure maximum comfort for those onboard, making the helicopter both practical and comfortable. The new helicopter is nothing short of remarkable and we are thrilled to offer it to our customers. Whether it be a medical emergency or an unforgettable aerial tour, our new helicopter will transport you safely and efficiently to any destination. We can’t wait to show you what this amazing aircraft can do!

The powerful, high-performance ACH125 is designed to carry out the most demanding missions in the most extreme weather and geographical conditions. Its exceptional lifting capability, high endurance, extended range, and fast cruise speed make the ACH125 the leader in its class. The ACH125 provides passengers with the highest level of comfort and elegance in its roomy, redesigned cabin. With its easy cabin access through two large sliding doors, forward-facing seats, and large baggage compartments, the ACH125 is the ultimate single-engine helicopter for the most demanding business aviation customers all over the world.

Greece Heads to the Polls in 2023 Elections: Last minute flight


Decided last minute to vote ?? We are here to help..  We offer 3 hours free waiting time on every mission anywhere in Greece.

Contact us at  to book your flight

        Greece will head to the polls on 21 May for parliamentary elections which experts predict will be unlikely to produce an outright winner in the first round.  There are around 9.8 million registered voters, including 440,000 young people, aged 17 to 21, who are eligible to vote for the first time.
The 2023 elections in Greece come at an important time for the country. With the global pandemic taking its toll on businesses, public services, and citizens alike, Greece is facing a long and difficult path ahead to economic recovery. On top of this, the country is facing great uncertainty over its relationship with the European Union and its lingering financial woes. Needless to say, the stakes in the upcoming election are high. For the Greek people, the 2023 elections could prove to be decisive in either reinforcing the status quo or ushering in sweeping change. As both major parties jostle for power, the policies they propose and the promises they make could have a significant impact on the future of Greece. Inevitably, the election will be driven by issues such as job creation, debt relief, public spending, and the economy in general. But with a mountain of problems to tackle, can Greece successfully overcome these obstacles? We'll have to wait and see.

Airport vs Heliport


It is a common knowledge in the iundustry that Airports don't like helicopters and helicopters dont like airports..

Unless the helicopter has to opertae from an airport because requires refueling, emmigration or customs clearance, the helicopter is advisalbe to operate from licenesed heliport or a helipad. To the aircarft operators that earn their money from the pasenger's taxes and parking (that goes with the weight of the aircraft) the helicopter is a hassle. Also, usually an additional charge in the Airport is aproximately 300 -400 euros for movement. Some popular airport , inpose VIP charges apxt 2500 euro per movement. Fuirther more to obtain a slot and a parking permit is 'mission impossible'.

A licensed heliport operates with the safety/operational standarts of an airport. At the helipad the landing is at pilots' descretion. Operators have on their operating manuals set proceedures to safe guard smooth operations at various helipads.

For more details you can contact our operations conrollers.

Celebrate your love in the air!

On Valentine's Day, what a better way to celebrate such a special day! Special days, special occasions need special treatment. For this, you could hardly find a better idea than a helicopter flight to express your feelings to your beloved other half. Show your loved ones how much they mean to you. Celebrate your love in the Air!

Spend your special day, with your heads in the clouds, on a perfect romantic day with the view of breathtaking landscape. Our team is here, ready to offer you and your love the best treatment, on a day that love is in the air!

How about a romantic sightseeing tour over Athens? In the luxurious comfort and privacy of your helicopter seat you can toast to your love with a glass of Champagne!

Don’t miss this opportunity to make your Valentine feel like the One & Only! Contact us today to make your special arrangement.

Reach Your Yacht by Private Jet

As all the borders are slowly opening and people start planning their holidays, but the new travel regulations and safety/sanitary requirements in 2020 making traveling a bit complicated and could affect costly for your holiday plans. If you are a yacht owner or planning your holidays on a chartered yacht, you might be concerned about how you will reach it. You can check gorgeous luxury yachts offered for charter on our

Concierge room - Yachts

Our new service will make private travel from your home to the yacht location pleasant and simple. The GATN team will design your private trip on all its stages so that you will reach your yacht in the fastest possible and safe way.

All you need is to give us the departure city and a yacht location. The rest, you can leave with us.

Upon requesting your flight our team will assist you in making all of the necessary arrangements, from flight booking to ground transfer your yacht.

The service includes:

Flight arrangements from the preferred city to the airport closest to the yacht location.
Private customs on arrival in the VIP lounge (if available)
Ground transportation from the airport to the marina
Yacht handling via our local agent in Greece

Greece was announced by the World Health Organization as the safest country for the summer 2020 holidays for the excellent handling of the Covid-19 situation in the country.

We invite you to make your holidays in Greece and we hope to welcome you onboard and on deck !!!

Greek government to reduce VAT for tourism and transportation

ATHENS – Greece's tourist sector, especially places serving food and beverages, will get much-needed relief in the aftermath of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic through a cut in the Value Added Tax (VAT) as the country also hopes visitors will come this year.

The VAT will be cut from 24 to 13 percent by the New Democracy government that also paid out 17.5 billion euros ($18.98 billion) in benefits to workers laid off and their businesses that were temporarily closed during a lockdown.Read more

Day trips - offered by the seat.

Day trips Mykonos – Santorini – Mykonos and Santorini – Mykonos – Santorini offered by the seat.


Take advantage of our empty seat program and explore Mykonos and Santorini at a fraction of a cost of a full charter of a day trip.

Share the cost of a helicopter flight and join in one of the flights departing every day at 12:00 and returning at 19:00

You have the option to stay overnight or utilize only one leg of the flight.

Depending on the number of passengers already booked you may fly with the 3seater Robinson R44 click here or with the 4seater

Robinson R66 click here or the 4seater Airbus H120 click here or the 5seater Airbus H-355 N click here or the 6seater Bell 407 click here.

Helicopters will operate from private helipads.

You may find of interest to use our concierge services click here.

Empty seats are available on our sightseeing flights giving one more opportunity to have this great experience with a shared cost.