The idea of traveling with children is perhaps the biggest single cause of stress for traveling parents. This is why many families chose to fly private when traveling with toddlers. Take a look at our list of why traveling via private jet is a great family travel option when the little ones are coming along for the ride.

You can bring all the comfort of home

Kids have stuff — lots of it. That means that when you travel commercially you must be very selective of what you pack with you because space matters. Not only do you have the restriction of space and baggage allowance but you also have to consider the waiting times between destinations.  When you travel with a privately chartered jet, you have one less worry.  You can pack pretty much anything that you like and store it in the cabin or aircraft’s cargo compartment.

Baby seat on a private jet

On any airline, children under the age of two are allowed to fly as “lap children,” and the same regulations apply to traveling on a private charter.  However, when flying private, children can be seated in a child seat. Child seat availability can be arranged by the private charter company. Also consider that many private jets have reclining seats and larger jets have their own beds which will make traveling even more comfortable for the baby and the mother.

Crafted meals

Your child can pretty much eat anything that they like when traveling on a private jet. Private jet catering is bespoke to clients’ preferences and that includes babies.  A little foresight beforehand means that parents can craft a menu that will suit their child’s eating preferences. In most cases, a meal can be delivered from their favorite restaurant. Not bad!

Cabin temperature control 

On a private jet, the cabin temperature control can be set to the preferences of the client. That’s a big plus for traveling families.  You can avoid the close proximity to unknown air-borne viruses which can re-circulate through the air conditioning systems on packed commercial flights.

On board entertainment

On-board entertainment systems on private jets are usually the most innovative, featuring state of the art technology which will entertain the young jet-setters from the moment they set foot on the aircraft. Unlike the commercial flights, in-flight entertainment on the private jets can be switched on from the moment the child steps onboard the aircraft to ensure the most pleasant journey.

The plane is yours

When traveling on a private jet the one thing that you definitely don’t have to worry about is — disturbing others. Parents can relax and let their children wander in their private play room in the sky.

Are you convinced that the best family travel is traveling by a private jet? In case we missed any other highlights, do let us know by commenting below!