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        Greece will head to the polls on 21 May for parliamentary elections which experts predict will be unlikely to produce an outright winner in the first round.  There are around 9.8 million registered voters, including 440,000 young people, aged 17 to 21, who are eligible to vote for the first time.
The 2023 elections in Greece come at an important time for the country. With the global pandemic taking its toll on businesses, public services, and citizens alike, Greece is facing a long and difficult path ahead to economic recovery. On top of this, the country is facing great uncertainty over its relationship with the European Union and its lingering financial woes. Needless to say, the stakes in the upcoming election are high. For the Greek people, the 2023 elections could prove to be decisive in either reinforcing the status quo or ushering in sweeping change. As both major parties jostle for power, the policies they propose and the promises they make could have a significant impact on the future of Greece. Inevitably, the election will be driven by issues such as job creation, debt relief, public spending, and the economy in general. But with a mountain of problems to tackle, can Greece successfully overcome these obstacles? We’ll have to wait and see.