Taking the private jet to escape for a weekend in Mykonos, Monaco or Ibiza? Having the perfect weekend travel bag is part of your style. Who wants to pull around a big suitcase or look like a teen with a frumpy backpack?  There are travel options that are sophisticated yet practical for private jet and helicopter travel. Consider our jet-set travel bag tips to find the perfect weekender luggage right for you.

Pack Easy. Pack with Style.

An average weekend away typically means packing for two or three changes of clothes.  You may want to have your laptop and iPad in that bag, too.  For men, a suit bag may be in order.  For ladies, a great cocktail dress needs its place in a great weekend bag.  We love designs by Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Tumi, Burberry and more.  Opt for great designs that keep everything safe, pressed and dry.


You may have a favorite designer in mind.  The next choice is what type of bag. Jet-set travel bags come in many forms including duffle bags, overnighters, backpacks, hold-alls, weekenders, newsboys or totes.  Here are our four tips so you can invest in a stylish bag with weekend travel functionality.

1. Expandable Travel Bags

Do you typically pack an extra shirt, sweater, a pair of shoes or extra anything when you travel?  As you eye a stylish bag, note that some designs can develop a permanent bulge if they are over packed. Choosing a bag that is expandable also comes in handy when those jet-set trips extend themselves to last an extra night and you end up buying a new outfit in the process.

2. Carry with Comfort and Access

Even carrying a 10 kilogram bag can be a drag if it doesn’t handle well.  Check for comfortable handles.  Invest in a bag with optional straps that don’t pinch or tug on your back or shoulder.  Even better are bags with wheels and a pull-out handle.
louis-vuitton-pegase-55-business-nm-monogram-canvas-travel--M23241_PM2_Front view

3. Pocket Power

Be able to access your personal items easily.  You don’t want to find yourself opening the main compartment for the little things.  Various models are perfect for different travel needs so you’ll find bags with one or more external pockets perfect for your travel docs, mobile, iPad, chargers or a bottle of water. Internal pockets add an extra level of security, a simple deterrent for most pickpockets.

4. Long-Lasting Durability

A few months of use can do a lot to an amazing new bag.  Luggage handlers, tight compartment spaces and weather conditions all contribute to the wear and tear of your weekend luggage investment.  Best bet? Avoid shiny bags or odd shaped models so it’s easier to travel with no matter what the luggage compartment looks like.  Real leather is always a great, and stylish, option.

Purchasing the right bag will mean even more stress free travel.  You know your travel bag can store what you need in no time.  You’ll be ready when the private jet or helicopter is ready to get you to your destination of choice.

Your weekend travel bag will be with you on many of your jet-set journeys so make your next choice – a good one.

What is your favorite designer weekend travel bag?