The most luxurious helicopter interiors are designed to impress. In some cases, flying via private jet may be over your price range. In that case, the next best alternative to flying private and in style is a helicopter. Take a look at our selection of some of the best helicopter interiors that keep luxury in mind.

Augusta Westland AW101 VVIP

The Augusta Westland AW101 VVIP combines the most advanced technologies, manufacturing expertise and aircraft design. This helicopter has both military and civil applications. It features the largest cabin in its class that resembles one of a private jet and can transport up to 30 passengers. Its top speed is 192 mph, and the range is an impressive 863 miles. Augusta Westland AW101 VVIP leading features include: high levels of safety, reliability and availability, extensive range of interior furnishings and systems, exceptional levels of cabin comfort; low noise and vibration with air conditioning, just to name a few.



Eurocopter Mercedes-Benz Style EC145

Eurocopter’s EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style helicopter made i’s world debut in 2011. It features an easily transformable yacht-like interior and is tailored for high-end corporate, executive and private operations. Some of its features include: high-end upholstery, wood for the floor and ceiling panels, extra storage drawers, a windowed partition wall between the cabin and the passenger area, and ambient lighting that can be adjusted to a number of different color and brightness settings.




Agusta Westland AW109 Grand Versace VIP

Who said that fashion and helicopter interior design don’t go together, hasn’t seen this beauty. The AgustaWestland AW109 Grand Versace VIP is a collaboration between AgustaWestland and the Italian fashion house Versace in an effort to create this super luxury interior. The cabin AW109 Grand is longer than the regular AW109, although the rest of the specs are the same.



Airbus VVIP EC155 

The most technologically-advanced helicopter in its class, the EC155 is suited for a full range missions. The EC 155 B1 has a five-bladed Sheriflex rotor head with an extremely low vibration level, passengers traveling in this helicopter will feel as if they are in a business jet. The helicopter interior is completed with leather seats, executive cabin upgrades, a unique sense of style and taste, ample baggage space, and access from both sides into the cabin. This luxury helicopter is based in Athens and is one of ABI’s latest additions.



Eurocopter Hermès EC 135

The French fashion house Hermès teamed up with Eurocopter to create a l’helicoptre par Hermès, having in mind the discerning luxury traveler that values aesthetics and functionality. The interior was dominated by rich brown leather, featuring an attractive exterior paint scheme highlighted by classic Hermès orange accent. However, there’s more to this interior than good looks and high-end materials. The Hermès EC 135 also uses fabrics and leathers that are intended to soften ambient noise and vibration.

EUROCOPTER / EC135," L'Helicoptere of Hermes", Daunoworth.

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What would your dream helicopter interior look like?