Traveling to Mykonos, the most glamorous destination in the world, is an exciting adventure that requires both planning and organization. Every summer, the island welcomes countless visitors, all yearning for its unique beauty and charm.

With the ever-increasing number of travelers visiting the island annually, the Mykonos Airport Authority has imposed certain restrictions regarding aircraft slots and parking. These restrictions help regulate the busy airspace and ensure the safety of travelers.

Rather than booking your private jet flight for Mykonos at the last minute, GreekAirTaxiNetwork advises to plan ahead to guarantee a successful trip. We warn that last minute planning might leave you with a revised schedule or an increased cost. Furthermore, the airports may even reach full capacity and not accept any new departure/landings. As an alternative, we offer you an option of departure/land in a less busy airport or to book one of our helicopters to your final destination.

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