Greece’s second largest city is one of the best winter destinations in Greece to plan a great “escape” for a few days.  Thessaloniki is known for beautiful sea views, lively nightlife and historic sights.  

Explore jet-set Thessaloniki and you’ll find impressive ancient ruins, luxurious accommodation and beaches that are the perfect getaway any time of the year. Greeks know it as a cultural capital where festivals and events attract a fun, vibrant crowd that admires the arts.

What to Do


Thessaloniki features landmarks that have endured as symbols of its 3,000-year-old history.  The White Tower is located near a picturesque waterfront promenade lined with relaxing cafes. The city has a scattering of lovely neighborhoods dotted with beautiful homes and Byzantine churches.  Thessaloniki is also known for its 5th-century Church of Agios Dimitrios, the Rotunda of Galerius and 3rd-century Roman palace ruins.

thessaloniki white tower by james dennes

Beaches for All Seasons  

Even during the off-season months, the beaches are great for a visit – not necessarily for a deep sun tanning session or for a warm swim in the sea. During this time of year, Thessaloniki’s beaches are perfect for a romantic stroll to admire the seascapes that Greece offers all year round. The city’s seaside villages are a haven for local residents any time of year.  The restaurants that line the coast offer the perfect place to sit back and enjoy great food, northern Greece’s hospitality and beautiful scenic views.

thermaikos bay by marcos spaapen

The fantastic beaches toward the east have sandy shores, some simply pure-white.  Head near Thermaikos Bay to Peraia, Neoi Epivates, Agia Triada, Nea Michaniona beaches. Also, find Asprovalta, Vrasna  and Stavros beaches on Strymonikos Bay.


The residents of the second largest city in Greece may argue that their nightlife scene beats out the capital of Athens.  Thessaloniki, with its young crowds, art-loving crowds and vibrant crowds, is known for its great nightlife options.   The city has its share of clubs that are dedicated to traditional and modern Greek music, as well as jazz to rock.

thessaloniki nightlife by Dmitry Artyukhov

Thessaloniki boasts some of the best bouzoukia clubs. These traditional live Greek music clubs are a truly Greek experience.  Many of the country’s most popular pop and traditional Greek music singers headline at select bouzoukia every winter season.  Flowers are thrown, plates may crash, everyone sings and the drinks keep coming at bouzoukia from midnight to the wee hours of the morning.

Top Stays

Daois Luxury Boutique Hotel

The Daios luxury boutique hotel offers panoramic sea views from its excellent and central location near Aristotelous Square and the city’s widely known shopping streets.


The Excelsior

This luxury boutique hotel located also located near Aristotelous Sqaure in the city’s center is housed in a historic property dating back to 1924.


Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki

This spacious hotel is a city landmark in a central location. It offers comfortable rooms, a range of dining options and superb guest facilities.


There’s More…

Thessaloniki is also a great starting point to more hidden beauties of northern Greece. Chalkidiki, Mount Athos and the beautiful islands of north Aegean Sea are just a short helicopter ride away.   Tour it all from the sky on your jet-set getaway.

Getting There

The Greek Air Taxi Network is ready to get your jet-set winter trip organized.  We offer quick, safe, reliable and cost effective air transfer services to and from Thessaloniki to other Greek destinations.   A twin engine helicopter Bell 429 (5 pax capacity – dual crew) is part of our diverse fleet.

That’s why we think Thessaloniki is one the best winter destinations in Greece.  Would you like to visit this winter?