Finding a Greek villa that suits your holiday style is a beautiful way to enjoy Greece.  The best luxury Greek villas offer privacy, freedom of expression, comfort and style that today’s discerning traveler seeks.  The Greek Air Taxi Network’s concierge services department continues to recommend the best villas in Greeceto its valued jet-set clients.

The villas handpicked for GATN’s villa services are perfect for the luxury traveler. Not only are they known for their architectural design, natural setting and locale, they are chosen by our team – a professional team that understands the needs of style-conscious travelers.

We’re sharing some details that will be helpful as you plan your next villa getaway experience in Greece with us.

Range of Style

What do you want in a Greek villa?  There are so many options these days. Styles range from contemporary and minimal to restored homes that literally go back centuries.  The GATN villa department has traveled to every corner of Greece to visit villas to ensure the living space is the right fit for prospective clients. Each home has aesthetic appeal, distinctive design or a great location within the destination. They all meet some strict criteria that we have set, in order to include them in our portfolio, always with our guests in mind.

“Feel” Your Greek Destination

Many of the luxury villas within the network are private homes whose owners have built and decorated them to fit and take full advantage of the Greek destination they are in, the local customs and the way of life in the resort. You will not feel isolated from the destination you are visiting; rather you will feel like you are a part of it.

Local Knowledge

The best concierge services are on the ground where you want to holiday.   Due to the great relationships we have in the Greek tourism industry, our knowledge of the local market and our experience working with luxury clients, the GATN villa team offers friendly and personalized service.  Our concierge team has an intimate knowledge of each villa property and its beautiful location in Greece.  We will let you know if we feel that some specific aspect of a villa is not right for you and your party.

A villa isn’t the end all to a perfect vacation in Greece.  GATN’s villa team is ready to offer personal travel assistance, booking bespoke travel experiences and taking the work out of finding the most reliable transportation from luxury transfers, yachts and of course, private jets and helicopters.

Photo: Villa Hurmuses, Mykonos