How the Empty Seat program works?


 A private helicopter flight by definition is not the most economical way to transport.Nevertheless, in many cases the utilization of the helicopter it is a very convenient way to travel.

 In an effort to make the flight with a helicopter more affordable for those that do not mind to share a flight , we introduce the EMPTY SEAT PROGRAM.

Option 1:

You decided to fly with a helicopter on specific route, date and time. We make a preliminary booking and we will advertise the empty seats left on your flight and the cost per seat. There will be  a minimum amount of passengers required to confirm the booking and the flight will be changed from pending to confirmed.In the worst case scenario you will have to absord the total cost of a private flight or cancel the flight with no consequences what so ether.


Option 2 :

There is an empty leg and we publish the available seats and cost on that specific flight,date and time. This flight will be indicated as confirmed and no matter how many passengers will be on board the flight will be operated.


Option 3 :

You may declare your interest to fly at a given route , date and time but you are not willing to absorb the cost of the minimum required seats. This flight will be indicated as pending and if other people are interested too they will proceed with the booking of the remaining seat and the flight will be performed.

How I secure my seat ?

When a flight is indicated pending we only block the greed amount on your credit card.

When a flight is confirmed your credit card will be charged.