Once upon a time we introduced for private airplane and helicopter travel within Greece and internationally, the motos “corporate travel” – “luxury travel” in an effort to promote travel services for the rich and famous…

Times have changed and in the middle of the turbulence period for the Greek economy we introduced the GreekAirTaxiNetwork and the “Air Taxi services”. To keep the cost of flying down a still allow a profit margin for the airplane and helicopter operators we had to be creative and gain from our experience on the international markets.

If we talk on Ground Transport terms we transformed a “limo service” into luxury taxi service.

It is an ongoing battle to convince air operators in Greece that in order to be honest have to explain to their clients that both legs of the flight have been charged to the client and that the empty leg can be sold to the benefit of the charterer allowing obviously an additional profit margin for the Air operator and the broker involved.

 What Is an Empty Leg?

Every time you charter a private jet or a helicopter make sure you ask your operator or your broker involved if the empty leg is yours.

Empty legs are private jet or helicopter flights’ when there happens to be nobody on board at least until you comes in.

At GreekAirTaxiNetwork with the clients approval we market the empty legs and we split the income in 3 equal portions between the client – Air operator and the network.

What Is An Empty Seat? *

To make the utilization of the empty leg affordable and fair for everybody we promote the sale of empty leg by the seat. Practically if a 5 seat aircraft (airplane or helicopter) has an empty leg with the targeted price of 1000€ for the return flight from Mykonos to Athens we are proposing each seat for 200€. Learn more click here (to empty seat blog)


It is almost the price of an airline ticket and you travel First Class.

Where Is The Catch??

Empty Legs are restricted on the route, the day and time and they are subject to the initial flight performed. 

What will happen if only 2 or 3 seats are sold?

  • The actual owner or the empty leg (the charterer) we guess will have no objection for that additional income.
  • The (GreekAirTaxiNetwork) will cover our standard expenses for marketing, monitoring, selling the empty leg.
  • The air operator will get an additional income since the flight has been already been paid.

What will happen if an operator does not allow you to utilize the empty leg?

It is a free world and a free market. You may look for another operator or a broker that trades fairly or take into your consideration when you compare prices the fact that someone is keeping for himself a flight leg that you already paid for. 

Can’t afford a flight on a private jet or a helicopter?

Empty legs deals – make it possible…

If you can be flexible on the route, date and timings you can find many empty legs published easer in the Air operators websites  or on dedicated web pages selling only empty legs or simply click here  and click here

The good is made even better.

You have the opportunity to make public knowledge that you are looking for an empty leg, just click here

A brilliant new idea!!

Utilize an empty leg, get the experience, and our wonderful concierge colleagues can organize for you luxurious accommodation and/or activities at your destination and your return home with the commercial flight.