Fly private when traveling with toddlers

The idea of traveling with children is perhaps the biggest single cause of stress for traveling parents. This is why many families chose to fly private when traveling with toddlers. Take a look at our list of why traveling via private jet is a great family travel option when the little ones are coming along for the ride.

You can bring all the comfort of home

Kids have stuff -- lots of it. That means that when you travel commercially you must be very selective Read more

Summer Empty Legs in Greece

It’s summer in Greece. One way to conveniently get to all of those picturesque islands is via empty legs in Greece.

Empty legs allow you to fly privately and affordably.  Like anywhere in the world, empty legs in Greece are available at discounted prices when a private aircraft would otherwise be empty. An empty leg is an empty private jet seat.

Why does this happen?  Well, private flying is a bespoke and often luxury service. There will be instances when the aircraft’s operator cannot book all the seats on a flight.  It can be a challenge to find a full-price client that happens to want to fly on a particular private aircraft, to a certain destination and during a certain time.  Since the plane is set to take off anyway, the empty seats can be offered for a big discount instead. If you can find them, then you got a deal!

No matter how it’s done, offering empty private jet seats to those who would love to take that flight is a win-win situation. Empty leg flights can be available at up to 75 percent discount on the usual charter price. Always, the exact price is contingent on the route and the operator.

Where Do I Find Empty Legs in Greece?

In Greece, Greek Air Taxi Network (GATN) which is run by Air Business International (ABI) offers empty leg flights on privately chartered jets and helicopters.  With a well-connected network of available private charter aircraft, GATN can offer the most competitive empty legs in the Greek and Mediterranean market. ABI and GATN both list all empty legs available throughout Greece and the Greek islands on its homepage. You can also opt to use each company’s Smart Banner tool which finds the flight that suits your travel needs.

Where Can I Fly in the Summer?

Whether it is summer or winter in Greece, empty legs are available and accessible through the right portals. If you are a flexible traveler they are proven cost-effective means of experiencing and accessing private jet travel.  Sometimes you can combine an empty leg with airline flights. Empty legs can be worked into a private charter schedule as well.


If you are traveling in Greece there are so many places to “hop” to via private jet or helicopter that will be worth your time, money and will pay you back with incredible holiday experiences. For example, you can easily island hop across the Cycladic or Ionian islands. Private air travel is also very convenient for those that want to see an island for a day and don’t want to waste any time traveling by other means. Ferries can take many hours. Waiting for flights, especially when there may be only one a day to your island of choice, can be extremely time consuming considering the total commute, including airport transfers.  A private flight means no service or baggage lines, excellent service and drop-off and pick-up in the most convenient spots to see the destination of your choice right away. Your vacation time is precious so it is important you don’t waste a minute of it!

With private charters, going international is easier than ever. If you are planning to jet-set to Mykonos and want to take off to other glamorous island destinations like Ibiza or San Tropez, the GATN  is experienced to get you on the right flights with the best service.